6 Benefits to Providing Medical Videos for Patients in Your Healthcare Practice

Many businesses benefit from visual aids such as animated videos. In fact, medical and healthcare businesses benefit greatly from animated videos when they are provided to patients to help explain complex medical conditions or procedures. Providing medical videos for patients in healthcare has several benefits. 

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We’re outlining just a few.

1. Service Demonstrations

Three Person Looking at X-ray Result

Patients that don’t quite understand how a healthcare service works can benefit greatly from watching a video that outlines the service visually. Service demonstration videos help patients to see what a medical practice specialty is or how a treatment works.

Healthcare providers can also use videos to help patients understand a particular phase of a medical service as it relates to them.

2. Answer Questions

Healthcare videos can be used to answer patient questions, especially questions about a procedure or illness that the patient may have. Healthcare videos or medical videos that answer patient questions can reduce the time that a doctor must spend reiterating the details.

Many patients appreciate being able to seek answers to their questions, anytime of day (or night). Medical videos that answer common healthcare questions can be shared outside the main healthcare website, too.

3. Patient Testimonials

Customer testimonial video

Medical practices that include patient testimonials directly related to specific patients in their practice can increase trust in patients, making them more likely to follow through even with scary medical procedures.

Patient testimonials help prospective patients learn to trust the practitioner, but they are also helpful in building credibility for the office and the other doctors on staff.

4. Explain Procedures

Patients that have a complicated procedure coming up can benefit greatly from being able to see and hear what a procedure is about. Many patients find comfort in knowing what to expect during their procedure. Video can be used to educate patients and help to prepare them for the next steps in treatment.

5. Entertain Waiting Patients

Man Next to Doctor

Patients that are waiting in the waiting room can benefit from entertaining videos that are delivered during their wait time.

Informative content, especially content that proves the doctor’s professional knowledge in an industry, can not only improve the patient waiting experience, it also helps to further build the doctor up as an industry expert. These videos also tend to make patients feel like they actually spent less time waiting.

6. Explain Home Health Procedures

Medical videos are a great way to help patients that are headed home to learn how to take care of themselves once they get to go home.

Teaching patients how to properly take care of wounds or other recovery needs at home can reduce the need for patients to revisit the healthcare provider for that same problem while helping them to remember treatment plans.

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