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Quick Tips for Hiring a Medical Animation Company

People, even those studying for medical degrees, have a crazy low attention span when it comes to written content. However, provide those same people with visual content, such as a video, and they can stick around for a while, and tend to retain up to 90% of what they see and hear. Hiring a medical animation company to provide your practice with engaging medical animations that will get your practice noticed is the first step to producing top quality animations for the millions of people seeking to learn about medical advice, conditions, and technology each day. Here’s what you need to know to hire a pro that’s right for you.

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#1. Consider Qualifications Carefully

When you’re talking about the creation of medical animations, not just any production company will do. You need to know that you’re working with a company that has the skills and understanding necessary to produce quality animations that are scientifically accurate and ready for your audience.

You can’t afford to risk hiring someone that will not take the entire animation process professionally and deliver results that will help your brand shine against the competition.

Closely examine the qualifications of the medical animations company of your choice before making any hiring decisions.

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#2. Check Past Portfolio Projects

Before hiring a medical animation company, make sure that you are fully prepared to check their past portfolio and you review their projects carefully.

You’re looking for medical animations that are accurate and which depict engaging topics that are complex but simple to understand and follow thanks to the production company and their work with the animations.

If they do not have past projects that fall in line with medical animations, you may want to keep searching until you find a production crew with the background related to your project.

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#3. Ask About their Experience Working in the Medical Field

Not all production crews have experience working in film production with healthcare professionals. This is a very niche market and only a few production crews will have such a background.

Beverly Boy Productions has an extensive background in medical animations, surgical procedure videos and healthcare marketing videos. Give us a call if you’re interested in hiring a medical animation company with a lot of experience and history in the field.

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#4. Discuss Equipment 

Various types of equipment are necessary in order to produce complex medical animations with ease and accuracy. Some firms will use digital medical illustration equipment, others will use their own graphics and skills. Either can work just fine.

You’ll also need to ensure that when you hire a medical animation company that you think is ideal for your project, they have upscale camera systems, and equipment that is able to get into the healthcare setting.

All crews are different, and all film productions for healthcare practices vary. Consider equipment, and the importance of top quality, professional equipment when you hire a medical animation company for your project.

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#5. Discuss Processes & Procedures

If you’re considering hiring a medical animation company and they aren’t prepared to discuss their processes and procedures for capturing footage and working their animation magic with you, this is probably not the company that is best for the job.

Medical animations can be created in various ways, but most crews will have a basic process or procedure that works best for them already pre-defined. If they don’t they may not have the skills and background that you’re looking for in a new hire!