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Benefits of Hosting Workplace Video Training Libraries

Workplace training is essential to the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your employees as well as those they engage with. However, in-person training can be incredibly costly, and studies have found that most workers will forget the majority of what they learn within the first 60 days. This isn’t the case with video, which is why many employers choose to create video training content that they can use over and over again. If you’re thinking about creating training content, consider these amazing benefits of hosting workplace video training libraries that you can make always accessible for your employees.

Workplace Video Training Libraries are On-Demand

The first, and most powerful benefit of workplace video training libraries is the fact that this type of training is on-demand. While you might not immediately think of on-demand training as a powerful benefit, consider the fact that when training is on-demand you can assign it to all employees, some employees, or 1 employee at a time, anytime. Also consider the fact that you can allow new employees to train immediately upon being offered a position within your workplace. You can also let existing employees retrain if it appears that they need assistance in certain areas of compliance, safety or job specific duties. 

Making workplace video training libraries readily available on-demand means that there are no wait times for employees to gain insightful training that will help them to perform their jobs successfully. This means there is no more long wait time for new employee onboarding and it also means that if you notice an employee that is struggling with a particular job related function, you can provide immediate training to help them out. 

Workplace Video Training Libraries Make Training Accessible

Along with on-demand training comes accessibility. When you host workplace video training libraries for your employees you’re making video content accessible to them. This means your employees can easily access training material on their time no matter when that is or where it takes place. 

Statistically, training that is made more accessible is more likely to work for the employees that are receiving the training. Instead of requiring employees to travel, take days off from their regular work routine, and train in long, extensive sessions, training is made accessible at all times and any times – therefore it’s also convenient.

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Workplace Video Training Libraries Make Training Easier to Follow

Long, winded training seminars are really not effective. In fact, a recent study found that the majority of employees that attend these long, multi-day or multi-hour sessions are likely to forget about 80% of what they learn in the first 60 days post-training. All that money you spend, and time it takes to coordinate a big sophisticated training event, and the actual material and lessons your employees learn go down the drain in 60 days! 

With workplace video training libraries, training is easier to follow along with and learn. Because training videos can be short, bursts of information your employees are more likely to recall what they learn. Additionally, because videos are available and accessible on-demand, if an employee forgets that they have learned, they can go back and retrain at any time.

Workplace Video Training Libraries Make Training Interactive

One of the best features of workplace video training libraries is the fact that you can make interactive training videos that your employees can engage with. This means you can deliver scenarios-based training that will show your employees the outcomes of the scenarios they choose immediately after they make a decision. It also means that you can incorporate a variety of other interactive elements into the training videos that you host within your training library. 

For example, consider the following interactive training elements to incorporate into your video series:

  • Hotspots that can be clicked on for addition insight or information on a subject.
  • 360° videos that allow workers to visualize entire locations and the surroundings for a real-world training experience.
  • Bookmarking that allows the worker to go back to a point in the video and retrain on a concept.
  • Question and answer sessions that reinforce important content during the video.

There are endless interactive options with new ways of creating interactive elements into training videos being introduced all the time.

Workplace Video Training Libraries are Engaging 

If you want your workers to engage with the training that you provide, one of the best things that you can do is to put all of those training videos and courses into workplace video training libraries. In doing so, you’re showing your employees that you care about making training an easy to follow, non-invasive, ultra-engaging part of their role within your business. 

Employees are more likely to collaborate, connect, and communicate about the training that they receive when it’s made available on-demand and easy to access for them on their time. By hosting workplace video training libraries, you’re providing your employees with high-quality training that shows them how much you are invested in them and that you care about the job that they can do within your organization. Employees will love having access to video training content that speaks to them, and you’ll love having employees that are well-trained for their jobs!