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What Does the Cannes Film Festival Cost?

Submitting a film to the Cannes Film Festival represents a huge opportunity for filmmakers that are seeking international recognition or which seek to be featured in the European film calendar. The access offered to filmmakers that enter the Cannes Film Festival and seek to network and experience the excellence of other prestigious filmmakers in the event is by far worth the investment, but what does the Cannes Film Festival cost?

Entrance into the Cannes Film Festival can range from 50 to 350 Euros or about $58.50 to $410.06. Keep in mind that Cannes Film Festival entries must be submitted 12 months post-production so you cannot submit a film that was made “very” recently, it must have been produced 12 months prior to the start of the festival which typically takes place in May annually.

Cannes Film Festival Submissions


Submitting a film to the Cannes Film Festival will have varied costs. As with other film festival entries the earlier that you enter your film the lower your rate of entry or submission expense will be. Late entries will incur added costs.

Cannes Film Festival actually has first, second, and third late fees associated with festival submissions. The cost to enter the Cannes Film Festival will run:

  • Between $50 and $450.

Cannes Film Festival Entry Fees

video rates and price

Entrance into the Cannes Film Festival will cost 8 euros or a pass for the duration of the Cannes Film Festival can be purchased for 35 euros. This equates to $9.37 to $41.01 in U.S. dollars. When budgeting keep in mind that film festival entrance fees can vary and that tickets can go up, or down, in price annually. Purchasing tickets the day of the showing will most certainly add to your expense versus purchasing tickets in advance.

Thousands of film entries are submitted into the Cannes Film Festival each year, but only 50 feature films and 30 short films are chosen to compete in the competition. This is considered one of the biggest, greatest film festivals in the world and is a must for filmmakers to attend even if they are not submitting a film for potential inclusion into the contest.