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20 Great Website Resources for Indie Filmmakers [Top List]

If you’re looking for top-quality resources that are focused on independent filmmaking, we’ve got your back. We, at Beverly Boy, have compiled a list of 20 digital resources that are specifically created for indie filmmakers. There are plenty of websites and blogs out there that are dedicated to indie filmmakers. Unfortunately, not all of them post well-written content. In order to master your craft, you need access to the best resources. Below you will find a list of 20 Great Website Resources for Indie Filmmakers. These are well-renowned resources regarding the field of independent film. 

1. No Film School


This top-notch blog provides visitors with everything from helpful blog posts to public boards where you can share and discuss ideas. Topics covered on this site include producing, screenwriting, cinematography, and much more.

2. IndieWire

This site merges the worlds of indie filmmakers and film fans. IndieWire posts film reviews, diverse blog posts, and other kinds of content written by indie filmmakers (and fans too).

3. Filmmaker Magazine 

An absolute must-read for indie filmmakers, this print magazine was first published in 1992. Readers are allowed access to digitized past issues through their website.

4. The Beat 

Premium Beat hosts this blog to post instructional articles covering the pre, during, and post-production phases. They also offer information on a variety of software and music/sound effects.

5. Philip Bloom 

Bloom is an award-winning DP, director, and filmmaker with a phenomenal blog that posts consistent equipment reviews and other helpful resources for indie filmmakers.

6. MovieMaker Magazine 

MovieMaker Magazine

As the nation’s top magazine in the movie-making business, MovieMaker Magazine is also the world’s most-read indie movie magazine. Digital issues of this magazine are available to read through the MovieMaker Magazine website.

7. Hurlbut Academy Blog 

A myriad of resources that address everything from camera, to lighting, to production and the industry as a whole. The Hurlbut Academy blog produces lots of content through blog posts and podcasts.

8. Filmmaker IQ 

A group of filmmakers that discuss a wide range of topics. With content covering behind-the-scenes work, editorials, lab screenings, and academic courses on all kinds of subjects, Filmmaker IQ is an enjoyable (and interactive) resource for indie filmmakers.

9. Film Riot 

This is an enjoyable video tutorial site that covers virtually every area of the industry. From film casting to building a music video, Ryan Connolly is the host of the site. (He has a lot of fun with these tutorials, so they’re extremely entertaining.)

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10. The Post Lab 

It’s all in the name. This blog addresses a wide array of post-production issues that indie filmmakers experience in the industry. If you’ve got a problem with editing or production, The Post Lab is here to help.

11. Red Giant 

This is for the visual effects artists. Red Giant offers tutorials and other types of blog posts dedicated to post-production SFX. If you’re looking to hone your skills or simply learn something new, we highly recommend checking out this site.

12. Studio Daily 

Daily content on topics like shooting, editing, audio, and broadcasting. This blog also offers free webinars for things like content creation and media archiving.

13. The Treatment 

Every week, well-renowned film critic Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with influential filmmakers, screenwriters, and other creatives in the entertainment industry. Each podcast is roughly 30 minutes, so they’re of relatively short duration.

14. Noam Kroll 

Kroll’s blog is just as great as his work. Article posts consist of everything from filmmaking to post-production processes. His weekly reads are among some of the most popular posts in the independent film industry.

15. Indie Film Hustle 

Indie Film Hustle hosts the top-ranked filmmaking podcast on iTunes, but the site has countless amounts of resources like tutorials, informative articles, and interviews to improve your skills as an indie filmmaker.

16. Filmmakers Alliance 

A nonprofit organization dedicated to independent filmmakers, Filmmakers Alliance serves as a way to connect members with mentors in the community.

17. Freesound 

This is a collaborative library of licensed sounds and music provided by Creative Commons. This database of media can be used in all kinds of projects.

18. FX Guide 

Take note, FX artists: this blog is for you. FX Guide focuses on the craft of FX and creates content for VFX artists and filmmakers alike. FX Guide offers articles, podcasts, forums, and more.

19. Done Deal Professional 

This is a unique resource that indie filmmakers can definitely benefit from. Done Deal Professional keeps track of book, treatment, script, and pitch sales in Hollywood and across the globe. It’s easy to keep up with the latest trends through one single blog!

20. Learning Video

Previously known as Learning DSLR Video, Learning Video is a blog created by Dave Dugdale. It’s aimed at techies and camera enthusiasts with a variety of tutorials and kit demos to check out. We hope you enjoyed our 20 Great Website Resources for Indie Filmmakers.

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