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Top Tips on Hiring a Post-Production Studio

A great post-production studio has the role of putting together all the important footage and audio files and tracks that are required for a film project to bring the final movie or film to life. They bring music, sound effects, and several other post-production editing elements to the table to ensure that your finished film project is exactly what you set out to produce.

From editing and sound to visual effects, hiring a post production studio requires a considerable understanding of what goes into film editing, and the skills that each professional in the post-production process should possess.

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Choose Post-Production Companies with the Skills Relative to Your Project

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Sure, some post-production companies specialize in visual effects and others specialize in the addition of post-production music, but what is it that you expect for your project? It does little good hiring a post-production studio that specializes in visual effects if you don’t intend to have any major VFX in your film.

Keep Your Needs in Mind

Likewise, if you’ll use only basic sound and don’t intend for any major music additions, hiring a studio that specializes in creating custom sound tracks for films is of little use to you. Keep your needs in mind as you choose who to hire for your project.

Consider a Post-Production Agency Within Budget

Being upfront about the budget that you have to work with isn’t a bad thing–it’s actually a good idea. Hiring a post-production agency that can work within your budget is important.

Use Time Efficiently

There’s little use in talking with an agency that cannot possibly work within your budget, as this is a waste of time for both you and the agency. Make sure that before you even consider hiring a post-production studio that you’ve got your budget set and a plan in place for what you intend to spend and what you wish to accomplish with that spend. 

Discuss Timeline with Your Post House for Hire

Any post house for hire will likely already have other projects in the works when you consider working with them. That’s why it’s important to discuss your timeline and expectations prior to hiring. Be honest about what you expect.

Address Expectations

If you think you’re going to hire a post-production studio and they’ll immediately begin working on your film project, make sure that you discuss the expectation with them. There’s a good chance that your project will be scheduled several weeks from the date of hire as most editors have other projects already in the pipeline that will need to be completed before they move onto yours. Keeping the expectations addressed early on is important.

Post-Production and Editing Skills Vary, Do Your Homework

Don’t just take someone’s word for it, check references, review past projects, do your homework! Post-production and editing skills vary. It’s very common for a production studio to claim they can perform a particular type of edit, special effects or graphics, and then to struggle.

Double Check

If you expect a particularly complicated outcome from your footage, make sure that you do your homework. Review past projects and the skills that you expect from the company you’re considering hiring. Failure to do so could leave you later wishing you had done some more homework to reduce the risk.

Where Can I Find Post-Production Near Me?

Hiring a post-production studio isn’t so much a complicated process as it is a time consuming process. You need to do your research and seek prospective opportunities in your area or the surrounding areas. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find post-production near me?” Consider a Google search as the first step.

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