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Top Things to Consider when Creating an Investor Pitch Video

Raising money for your business is a fundamental aspect of working with investors, it’s why you pitch your project and it’s a vital area of importance for your brand. Producing an investor pitch video that generates interest, and investments, into your business or brand is essential to raising the funds you need for the projects you aspire to move forward with. 

Sounds easy enough, right? All you have to do is come up with a catchy pitch, some flashy visuals, and voila – magic happens!  

Not so fast! 

While it may come as no surprise, investors are not easily interested or engaged. Between the fact that they are overwhelmed with requests for support from competitors and plenty of non-competing businesses and brands and they frequently spend less than 3 minutes reviewing a pitch, catching their eye (and gaining their support) can be particularly challenging at best. You need an investor pitch video that is not only appealing to the eye, but that grabs the investor’s attention in just a few short seconds and motivates them to take action investing in your business, brand, or project. 

Convincing an investor to support your campaign is almost certainly going to require more than just a little bit of work on your end! While video is certain to up your ante a bit, increasing your chances that any investor will pay attention to what you have to say just a little bit more, it’s not foolproof! At bare minimum, there are some considerations that you need to make before creating an investor pitch video for your brand.

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Keep it Short & Power-Packed

No matter how much you want to include every little detail that you think matters in your investor pitch video, it’s important to consider the limited time that you have to keep your target audience interested and to pitch your idea. Keep the video short, engaging, and power-packed. Every second counts! Every word counts! Choose wisely!

As much as people love watching videos, your investor probably has 3 minutes or less to focus on your pitch. Keep your video within that time-range and make sure that you’re delivering the details that are most important. This means:

  • Describe your mission.
  • Describe the value of your brand.
  • Describe who’s behind your business.
  • Describe how your business helps its core audience.
  • Include details on financials, including income statements, projected growth, and business model information.
  • Mention the total investment funding needed, what’s been raised, and how funding will be used when you reach your goal.

Story over Statistics

Producing an investor pitch video that shares your brand’s story is vital! You might be inclined to want to share all of the tiny details surrounding the statistics and important financial details about your brand, it’s more important that you put this data into story form for your investor. A great investor pitch video is going to share the story of your business, including its key achievements and valuable statistics, as they relate to the overall story of your brand. 

Graphs, charts, and statistics alone are easy to get bored with, but a story that touches on the emotions of the investor and helps them to resonate with your brand is something that an investor can’t turn their back on. Not only that, but they’ll recall your story long after the pitch is over when they are considering where their investments are best placed. 

People over Politics

Just like sharing the story of your business or brand is going to be important to the investor, so are the people behind the brand. In fact, one of the most important details to consider when creating an investor pitch video is the people that will represent your brand in the video. Having people in the shots and footage will showcase to the investor the value you place on a people-first approach.

It’s easy to get caught up in creating a pitch that shares only intense data, text, and b-roll footage, but something like this will lack the personalization that video is so widely known and loved for! Don’t make the mistake of using up all of your valuable video time on graphs and charts without a face behind the brand! Put people over politics, and make sure that your presentation focuses heavily on building a relationship with your investor, touching their emotions, and featuring people prominently in the shots for personal impact.

It Takes Money to Make Money!

When it comes to creating an investor pitch video, there’s no statement more true than this one – “it takes money to make money!” Presenting your business or brand to the target audience is the first step, doing so in a professional manner is next! When creating an investor pitch video, we recommend you approach the process from a professional standpoint and consider investing into the production of the video by hiring a professional film crew to assist you.

Beverly Boy Productions provides full-service video production to help you create an investor pitch video that will grab the attention of investors, capture their interest, and excite them about partnering with you to invest in the projects presented by your brand. Give us a call to learn more about producing an investor pitch video that will help you meet your financial goals!