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Make a Company Profile Video in New Orleans

As a proud, successful business owner in New Orleans, it’s only natural to share the details of your business with others. No other type of video can provide key stakeholders with insight into the value and important features offered by your business than a company profile. When you make a company profile video in New Orleans to show off who you are, what you do, and who your business serves you’re taking a key step toward a thriving marketing campaign that teaches your audience about your brand.

Company profile videos, featured prominently on website homepages, throughout social media and in various other marketing channels have the power to represent your business and the products or services you provide in a way that is especially valuable for your brand. This is your chance to put video to work for your business, showing off your personality and highlighting the products, services, and features of your brand in an attention grabbing video that speaks volumes to your audience

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What is a Company Profile Video?

Commonly referred to as corporate profiles, the company profile video is a 2 minute promo that introduces your business, represents the products and services you provide, and shares insight into the value you offer to key stakeholders throughout the community. It’s like a demo reel for your business, featuring prominently displayed insights that help your audience get a feel for:

  • What your business is.
  • Who’s behind your business.
  • What products and services you provide.
  • Who you serve.
  • Why they should trust your brand.

Through interview-driven narration, a short company profile video produced in New Orleans is your opportunity to catch the attention of prospective customers, improve brand awareness for your business, and generate consumer trust in your brand.

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Why Do You Need a Company Profile Video?

There’s no question as to the power of video when it comes to increasing brand awareness, driving consumer attention, and generating conversions. Consumers are watching more video than ever before, the average engaging in 100 minutes of online video daily. If you’re not using video to promote your brand, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunity. 

Producing a company profile video in New Orleans represents a key opportunity for your business to build awareness and connect with customers. A professional profile video can present your New Orleans business to stakeholders, including customers, prospects, and employees, connecting them with your core values and the vision you have for your brand. This is an excellent opportunity to share key concepts about your brand that your audience will resonate with and find important.

Make an Amazing Company Profile Video in New Orleans

Whether your business operates in New Orleans fully accessible to the public, or you’re running an ecommerce brand that has roots in the city, you’re sure to find many amazing locations to film your company profile video in throughout this charming town. Including the rich history and architecture into company profile videos that represent your business will help consumers feel more connected with your brand. Whether you’re filming along Jackson Square or Bourbon Street, or you’ve decided to capture the pristine backdrop of City Park, there’s something magical that occurs when you incorporate your business into the amazing beauty of historic old world New Orleans. 

Make sure that, no matter where you film, you’re working with a professional film crew so that you don’t face any major challenges in regards to film permits, location booking, or other needs. New Orleans is certainly an amazing city to film a company profile video in, as long as you’re working with professional camera crews that understand the local regulations and are prepared for any special rules that may arise throughout the French Quarter or any other areas in the city.

Professional Company Profile Video Production in New Orleans

Beverly Boy Productions is a full-service video production company that specializes in producing company profile videos in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. Our expert film crews will work closely with your business to define the most important elements of your brand and to visually capture everything consumers need to know about your business and the impact it has on New Orleans. Give us a call to learn more and we’ll work together to make a company profile video in New Orleans that’s just right for your target audience.