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How to Hire a New Orleans Hybrid Event Company

Working with a hybrid event production company to produce the live, in-person components of your hybrid event as well as the virtual components of the event is key to the overall success of the event and satisfaction of your audience. Hiring a New Orleans hybrid event company that will help you produce the event from the New Orleans venue of your choice should be the first major step towards planning a hybrid event for your organization. In fact, we recommend hiring your event producer very early on in the process so that you can get maximum support and guidance throughout the pre-production planning, and the actual production, of your event.

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any even that combines the excitement of an in-person conference, meeting or tradeshow with a virtual component in which attendees may engage and enjoy the event from anywhere in the world via a virtual event platform or host. Producing a hybrid event requires a lot of working parts to come together in order for attendees that are present in New Orleans as well as those in attendance online to feel engaged, and to have adequate networking opportunities which make the event exciting no matter how you attend.

These events have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, particularly due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that were placed on travel and on large group gatherings. Many organizations have found that instead of hosting an event entirely online, or entirely in-person, offering a hybrid event option increases attendance, drives revenue up, and provides for higher profit margins – three winning elements for the event host!

New Orleans Hybrid Event Production Company

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Beverly Boy Productions is your New Orleans hybrid event production company with more than two decades of experience, we understand what it takes to produce a high-quality, maximum engagement event that will captivate your audience and leave them feeling fully entertained and engaged. We know what it takes to produce a hybrid event that seamlessly takes attendees through the entire course of the event, live or virtually, with exceptional care. 

When it comes to hybrid event production, our crew will assist with:

  • Producing the audio and visual components of the live event.
  • Creating custom event promotion video content & marketing materials.
  • Assistance with virtual event landing page creation. 
  • Branding of virtual event platform to coordinate with your organization’s existing brand.
  • Creation of expert content for streaming to your virtual audience.
  • On-demand content production for global viewers.
  • On-site event management for maximum guest interaction and engagement.
  • Thematic production elements to coordinate with your branding & business initiatives.
  • Live streaming of daily event meetings, conferences, & presentations to your virtual audience.
  • Interactive event sessions for seamless networking between in-person and virtual attendees.

There’s so much that goes into the production of a hybrid event, especially when the goal is to engage a wide audience that is both present in-person and online. Working with a New Orleans hybrid event company, like Team Beverly Boy, ensures that your audience has an amazing time at your event and that you reach your hybrid event goals for maximum engagement, attendance, interaction, networking, and fun!

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Hiring a New Orleans Hybrid Event Company

We believe hiring a New Orleans hybrid event company is something that organizations should consider early on in their decision to produce such an event. Not only is hiring early important to the planning of the event, but it can save you a ton of time and frustration from attempting to coordinate and organize things like crew, equipment, virtual platform hosting, and other needs on your own. 

If you’re ready to start planning a hybrid event in New Orleans for your organization, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We’ll put our technology, expertise, and experience to work for your organization to produce a hybrid event that is entertaining and exciting for your audience and attendees. We are your New Orleans hybrid event company and we’re ready to assist you in producing your next big event!