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Make a Company Profile Video in Jacksonville

As a prominent business owner, you realize the sharing the passion for your business with key stakeholders is key to increasing community awareness, driving consumer connections, and generating confidence in your brand. The decision to make a company profile video in Jacksonville that displays your business and the value you provide to key audience members represents a powerful opportunity to highlight the products and services represented by your brand.

In fact, producing a company profile video represents your opportunity to engage customers, reach prospects, and generate trust among stakeholders that are most impacted by your brand. This is your chance to share who you are, what you do, and who you serve, making a stance for your business and the value you provide to the Jacksonville community.

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What is a Company Profile Video?

A company profile video is a short, 1-2 minute synopsis of your business. It’s generally an interview-driven, case study style format that uses visual support alongside branding and key elements to prominent represent the story of your business to your target audience. The company profile, sometimes called a corporate profile, is generally featured on a website homepage and can also be included in social media or various other campaigns. 

The purpose of producing a company profile video is to engage your audience, capturing their attention amidst the competition. This is your chance to show off your brand’s value and key features, attracting your audience in such a way that they are more likely to resonate with your business, recognize your brand, and become long-term customers or clients. 

What Should I Include in My Company Profile?

Deciding what to include in a company profile video may seem challenging at first, particularly because you’re flooded with so many ideas and only have a short time to work with. This synopsis of your brand is generally 2 minutes or less, which certainly places limitations on what you can and cannot include. We recommend working closely with a professional film crew in Jacksonville that can assist you in capturing candid interviews that represent the most important details of your brand while utilizing professional quality footage to visually share your brand’s story.

Most company profile videos answer the following questions:

  • What is your business? 
  • Why are you in business?
  • Who does your business serve?
  • How do you serve customers?
  • What are your top goals & priorities?
  • What’s your corporate vision & message to consumers?
  • What are your core values?

The actual messaging as well as the technique that is used to captivate your audience and share your business with the world will largely depend on the creativity of your film crew as well as the individual details surrounding your brand. Most importantly, you want your audience and the members of the Jacksonville community that you serve to feel deeply connected to your brand and all it has to offer.

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Why Should I Make a Company Profile Video in Jacksonville?

The decision to make a company profile video in Jacksonville often comes about when a business has roots to the city such as a brick and mortar storefront or regional connections despite being a mostly or entirely online brand. Producing a corporate profile video in Jacksonville has several benefits for your business both related to marketing your brand and to capturing the amazing features of the city itself.

Jacksonville is an amazing city rich with history and scenery that form the ideal backdrop for a film shoot. Whether filming along Jacksonville Beaches or capturing Fort Caroline National Monument, there are seemingly endless locations to film your company profile in throughout the city and, as usual, you’ll find the weather to be particularly pleasant in Florida most of the year – just be prepared for the occasional thunderstorm if filming in the summer months.

Benefits of Producing a Company Profile Video 

Producing a company profile video in Jacksonville represents your opportunity to highlight products and services you provide and key features surrounding your business that are most likely to attract consumers to your brand. Branded videos, like a company profile, can increase customer awareness, generate higher conversions, and encourage consumers to trust in your brand. In fact, 84% of consumers state they are more likely to purchase from a business after seeing a branded video representing the company.

Professional Company Profile Video Production in Jacksonville

Filming in Jacksonville, whether along Little Talbot Island State Park or the Kingsley Plantation, or anywhere else around town will certainly have nuances that are best handled by a professional. At Beverly Boy Productions, our film crews are familiar with Jacksonville film permitting requirements and local rules or regulations the apply to individual parks, historic sites and other locations around town. We also bring more than two decades of experience to the table.

Give us a call for information about filming the perfect company profile video in Jacksonville for your business. We’ll work closely with your team to capture captivating interviews and outstanding footage around town. Together, we’ll craft a company profile video that makes your brand shine!