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Filming E Learning Video Production in Jacksonville, FL

When lessons are taught through video, student audiences pick up on topics more quickly and more accurately than any other form of lesson delivery. In fact, video is the ideal component for teaching students with virtually any learning style as the media incorporates a mix of both auditory and visual content which is incredibly effective for teaching and training. E Learning video production in Jacksonville, FL is the backbone of any tutorial style video content strategy.  When it comes to filming e learning videos in Jacksonville, Beverly Boy Productions is prepared to provide flexible, focused solutions that are ideal for your target audience.

What are E Learning Videos?

ELearning videos are short, engaging, educational videos that instruct or teach a particular concept or subject. These videos are generally well under 20 minutes in total length, with the “sweet spot” considered about 6 minutes, upon which most student learners will remain actively engaged and interested in the subject matter. ELearning videos are used to accompany online course content, in colleges and universities as well as in intermediary education, at the organizational level to provide employee training and in a variety of other ways.

Why Consider Video for Online Course Content?

Video has a variety of benefits when used to accompany online course content. In fact, most educational platforms such as Udemy and Thinkific, actually require that the course creator include at least 30 minutes of video content alongside any other instructional material or coursework that is provided as part of an online course uploaded to the platform. 

Video is important to online course instruction as it provides students with easy to follow, engaging content that makes learning outcomes more effective and efficient. In fact, video offers students an opportunity to see, and hear the educational content being delivered while offering a more versatile approach to teaching and training new subject matter. Video also creates a perceived value for students resulting in stronger interest in your online course.

Benefits of Filming E Learning Videos in Jacksonville

The decision to film on the First Coast is certainly an incredible choice. There are many benefits to filming e learning videos in Jacksonville. The largest city by area in the US is home to many pristine state parks and recreational areas including Jacksonville’s beaches and Little Talbot Island State Park which make amazing backdrops for any outdoor filming.

In addition to an amazing climate that is generally conducive to working outside year around, filming e learning videos in Jacksonville can also have many benefits for the student learner. For instance:

  • Elearning videos help students gain deeper insight into complex topics.
  • Video gives students audio visual support.
  • Videos provide an immersive, more engaging learning experience.
  • Videos are ideal for remote learners in addition to in-classroom or in-house learning.
  • Videos provide consistent messaging across each training group.
  • Videos make subject matter reinforcement more efficient.

Filming e learning video production in Jacksonville can have many other benefits depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your video, and your audience. 

Types of E Learning Videos Produced in Jacksonville

A variety of different types of e learning videos can be produced in and around Jacksonville to support educational concepts and learning outcomes for the success of your students. Organizations, schools, and course content creators can benefit from various types of e learning videos. Consider creating any of the following types of e learning video content:

  • Customer experience training videos to ensure new customers get the most out of your products or services.
  • Leadership development training videos to ensure your management has the skills and knowledge required to be great team leads.
  • Policy and compliance training to ensure proper compliance with important regulations and policies relative to your organization.
  • New employee training and onboarding videos that ensure new employees have the tools and knowledge required for success within your organization.
  • Technical skills training to ensure your audience is efficient and knowledgeable of the systems or skills relative to your organization.
  • Sales team training videos that provide education to your sales team for improved sales outcomes.
  • Customer educational training videos to ensure your customers are aware and knowledgeable of the support offered by your organization.
  • Culture change and management strategy training to ensure consistent organizational culture.
  • Higher education video content to support the teaching or training of complex subject matter.
  • Thought leadership training to provide education and insights into industry specific knowledge.

These are just some of the many different types of e learning videos that you could create depending on your organizational, educational, or institutional goals or the goals of your online course content. Think about how your students can gain deeper insight and understanding from the video content that you could create, and use that as a starting point for course content creation. 

Professional E Learning Video Production in Jacksonville

Working with a professional film crew like Team Beverly Boy to produce professional e learning videos in Jacksonville is certainly a big step towards the successful education of your target audience. Duval County is an amazing location for filming educational videos, and it has many great businesses and backdrops for video content creation. To learn more about filming e learning video production in Jacksonville, Florida give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to support your next educational video concept and bring it to life!