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YouTube Video Production Ideas for Business Owners 

Creating a YouTube channel is something that many business owners now realize is really important, particularly to benefit from the 2 billion active users that engage on the internet’s second large website. However, learning how to promote your business on YouTube requires more than just a YouTube channel. In fact, you must carefully consider the YouTube video production strategies that you’ll utilize beforehand in order to ensure the success of your YouTube video marketing campaigns.

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Finding Ideas for YouTube Video Production

The first step to creating an amazing YouTube video marketing campaign is to come up with ideas for your YouTube videos. Naturally, the ideas come before any other step in the YouTube video production process so this is a good starting point for your planning efforts. 

If you’re a content creator, you know there’s nothing more exciting than brainstorming ideas for new content! Thankfully, you can find ideas for YouTube videos just about everywhere you go and in anything you do! If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following:

  • Start with an introduction – of yourself, your business, your team or your products and services, or all of the above!
  • Create explainer videos – you can explain anything you want. Your business, how you got started, why you started, how your products work, or any subject relative to your brand. People are always looking to educate themselves, so dive into your keyword research and find out what keywords are relevant to your brand and could work well for your YouTube topics.
  • Create video tours – tour your office, your workstation, your city, or another place that you love which has something to do with your brand or business in some way. People love to live vicariously through others and check out new places on the way!.
  • Create culture videos – show off your organization’s culture, your brand’s culture, how your team works together, what the energy is like in your office on a Friday afternoon, or any other ways that you think people might like to engage with your brand and see more about your culture and mood.
  • Offer a behind-the-scenes look – show what it’s like to work your business, run an event, or create content for your brand. You could even do a “day in the life of” video and show what it’s like to be “you” for the day. 
  • Create DIY & How-to Style videos – whether you do crafts, fix things at home, run a beauty store, a wellness store, or something entirely different, there is a ton of opportunity here. People are always looking to learn how to DIY their way through and they’ll be happy to see what you can teach them.
  • Create unboxing videos – show off your business on delivery days! People absolutely love to watch these and whether you’re a small business that has just a few simple boxes to open and unpack or a large retailer with an entire truck to unload, you’re bound to find an audience that’s ready to engage!
  • Q&A videos and FAQs – do some research around the various questions that your audience might have about your business, brand, products, services or anything else relevant to your industry. Creating content around the questions that people have will generate tons of traffic to your channel.

Additional YouTube Video Production Ideas

In addition to all of the ideas previously listed, there another major idea that you should focus on for your YouTube channel and it’s producing a YouTube channel trailer. Youtube video production, including the production of a YouTube channel trailer, has literally endless possibilities with ideas that could flow for hours. 

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To produce a YouTube channel trailer, you simply create a short video that highlights the styles and types of content that you show to your audience. This way, when your prospective audience members come to your YouTube channel they know what to expect from your page. Keep the following in mind if you decide to produce a YouTube channel trailer:

  • Make a short list of the main points you want to make with your trailer. Keep it short and focused.
  • You want to limit text on the screen so make sure that you focus heavily on the use of visuals. 
  • Including captions if there is any voice-over in your video will allow those without the volume on to “hear” what you’re saying by reading along.
  • Make sure you hook the viewer in the first few seconds.
  • Incorporate your own corporate branding, logo, and colors to create awareness among your audience and help them connect with your brand.

The idea possibilities for your YouTube video production to take off are really limitless. Just look around and think about the things you do each day – you’re bound to come up with hundreds of ideas for content. Then, all you have to do is some keyword research to find out if your ideas are things people actually search the web for. If they are, start producing!