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What is Documentary Video Production?

Documentary video production represents the planning, creation, filming, and post-production editing of interview-style documentary video content which shares the detailed, first-hand accounts of a particular point in time or viewpoint. 

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Documentary videos are frequently used to provide historical viewpoints or representations of a particular time in history as seen by the individual telling the story.

Documentary films are non-fiction, motion picture style videos that document reality for a particular purpose, generally with the intent of providing instruction, education, or a historical record of a particular viewpoint or point in history.

Documentary video production includes the multi-faceted planning and creation of interview-style videos which are edited and synced with additional b-roll footage and narration to share first-hand accounts of a particular event or period in history.

The Difference with Documentary

Producing documentary videos requires a unique approach that is really only used in interview videos outside of the documentary. Documentary video production requires a longer-video format, focuses on delivering detailed information on a particular subject, and offers the unique perspective of the interviewee.

Documentaries typically range between 2 and 25 minutes long, but they can be much longer in some cases. Producing a documentary is all about capturing the interview, and supportive b-roll, that tells the story through the eyes of the interviewee.

About Documentary Videos

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Documentary videos can be created for a variety of purposes. Most of the time, they are used to educate an audience and provide details on a particular point in history. Documentaries are often created when new details about a previously documented point in history have emerged.

They share viewpoints and perspectives from both people involved directly with the events of the documentary as well as external subject matter experts.

Documentaries seek to provide a voice for a particular cause, idea, person, or event and are sometimes controversial or otherwise sensitive. The average documentary may span several years or just a few hours of time, depending on the story that is being told.

Documentary Video Production

Producing a documentary video requires distinct professional understanding of filming an interview style video. Much of the footage included in a documentary is that of the interviewee as their shares their story.

Experts are also interviewed to provide support or to otherwise backup the claims made during the documentary or series.

Documentary video production includes:

  • The planning and creation of a documentary script.
  • The hiring of subject matter experts that will speak on record.
  • Finding and interviewing past subjects involved in the events of the documentary.
  • Filming the interviews and capturing any associated b-roll footage to support the story.
  • Planning the music and associated auditory elements of the documentary video.
  • Editing the music, narration, voice-over, and visual footage.
  • Adding graphics, text, or other elements to the finished documentary video.

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