What Happens in Production?

What Happens in Production?

The production process represents various stages of media development in which a video project funnels from idea conception to distribution of the finished product. While there are three main stages of production which include pre-production, production, and post-production, the actual shooting and recording of video takes place during the “Production” process. Here’s what you can expect.

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Filming of the Video

Production is when the actual filming of the video takes place. During production the camera crew, talent, and all other necessary film crew members come together along with all necessary props to the shoot location. All footage that is required for the video is captured during the production process

Production Add Ons

In addition to filming the video, productions that include motion graphics or the use of voice-overs for audio will include these steps during production as well. Various production elements or add ons such as motion graphics, voice-overs, special effects and animations will be produced during production. 

Here’s what happens in production:

1  Rehearsals

Talent rehearsals take place during production. This is the time when the background actors, stand-in actors, doubles, and the actual talent for the film will rehearse their parts. Rehearsals are a very important part of the production process. It’s important for all members involved to be available on-time, prepared, and ready to work on the project.

2  Camera Blocking

Camera blocking takes place during production too. During camera blocking, the stand-in actors will be connected with the Director and Assistant Director so that they can work closely together alongside the camera crew. At this time, the camera crew will work to block out the various movements of actors and to ensure that the lighting is out of camera view as well for each scene.

3  Background Actors Called to Set

Background actors are called to the set after camera blocking has taken place. Background actors work closely under the instruction of the Assistant Director. The background actors will receive information on when to move from one area to another area of the scene. Sometimes this will involve crossing the camera. Background actors are also responsible for ensuring that their interactions on the set do not interfere in any way with the sound recording that is taking place. 


In addition to the background actors, double are also introduced during production. Doubles can be used for various scenes and project needs. The most common types of doubles include:

  • Photo Doubles – an actor that closely resembles the principal actor in appearance physically in height, build, color complexion and hair color.
  • Body Doubles – an actor that closely resembles the another actor and is present when the principal actor plays two or more actors on the current scene. Body doubles are altered in post production.
  • Hand Doubles – shows a character that is performing a particular action that the actual actor could not reasonably act out. 
  • Minor Doubles – actors or talent under age. Varies by state.

Once all footage has been captured, the production process can funnel towards the next intended phase which is post production. Now that you know what happens in production, are you ready to get started? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to assist you.

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