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Video Production Market Predictions for 2021

In the past several months, the video production market has certainly grown exponentially compared to many other markets and industries. COVID-19 may have caused widespread lockdowns, extreme troubles for some industries, and challenges for businesses large and small, some industries were impacted more negatively than others. However, the video production market, as a whole, was mostly improved as more and more business owners turned to live streaming, mobile video production, and the various other unique offerings provided by production crews that pivoted to provide exceptional experiences for consumers. In fact, production crews provided consumers with professional products that would help them to remain connected and engaged with clients, deliver broadcasts and marketing to new customers, and drive consumer engagement.

While nobody could have predicted how 2020 was going to change the world, and we honestly can’t fully predict what will happen in 2021, we do have some video production market predictions based on past trend, industry experience, and recent situations. Checkout these video production market predictions for 2021.


1. Live Streaming Becomes the Star of the Show

As we saw in 2020, many business owners turned to live stream to immediately connect with consumers and engage them. For 2021, live stream will continue to play a huge role for business owners. In fact, we believe that live streaming will be the start of the show for the video production market in 2021.

The ability to live stream everything from funerals and weddings, to business meetings and city events, businesses, organizations, and communities are turning to live stream video production to directly engage an audience in real-time while capturing audience data and using both the data and the video feed for future marketing initiatives.

Not only is live streaming here to stay, it’s likely to be a star player for the vast majority of business owners in 2021.

2. Remote Video Production Gains Popularity

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Remote video production will continue to gain popularity in 2021 and it’s not so much out of necessity the way it did in 2020 when Coronavirus caused widespread closures of film sets and studios, but more so because remote video production represents convenience. Business owners continue to seek ways that they can easily deliver professional quality content to their customers, clients, or audience members without all the hype and inconveniences involved in producing videos in a studio or live.

3. Businesses will Recycle More Video Content

While businesses will create plenty of new video content to go with the 1.3M videos uploaded every day, many business owners and marketers are getting smarter about how they produce video content. The video production market is accustomed to shorter and shorter videos, but 2021 is poised to see some more longer form content come to light.

But it’s not what you think! Businesses that intend to record long-form video content (more than 5 minutes, and generally closer to 10 minutes total length) are doing so for their own benefit more so than they are for the consumer benefit. WHY?

Because one of the biggest challenges business owners face with posting videos to YouTube, Facebook, their website, Instagram, and other social channels like Tik Tok, is the fact that they have to individually create content for each platform — and it’s a LOT of work!

Distributing Videos Over Multiple Platforms

Cross-posting, and recycling video content will allow business owners to boost their content consumption online. Smart businesses are going to look towards the video production market to assist in producing a single long format video which can then be shortened into various clips and chunks that are digestible and can be distributed on various channels.

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