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7  Restaurant Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Diner Experience

Video helps viewers to feel connected to the products or services offered by a business, even a restaurant. In fact, the use of videos for a restaurant business can engage consumers and encourage their decision to eat out at your dining establishment. Whether you’re using video to create an instant desire to try a new dish at your cafe or you’re using restaurant video marketing to boost calls to your catering business, restaurant owners that utilize these top restaurant video marketing ideas to boost diner experience are sure to experience increased customer engagement. Consider these different ideas to boost the in-dining experience of your customers.

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1 Recipe & How-to Videos

Video recipes are a great way to boost customer understanding of your restaurant and build a following. Recipe videos can be shared on social media or your blog. Consider showing your customers how you make their meals and the deserts that they come to your establishment to enjoy. Cooking a meal on video is a great way to share tiny secrets that make your establishment stand out.

2 Five Ways Videos

Or you could use any number but the idea here is to use a single ingredient and cook it five ways. Another idea would be to use a figure or number to show a set of ingredients (such as five ingredients) and the meals you can make with that number of ingredient inputs. The goal here is to show off how your culinary talents can produce something with minimal ingredients.

Number 5

3 Seasonal Menu Videos

Does your restaurant offer a specific seasonal menu offering around Christmas or for Thanksgiving? Consider producing seasonal menu videos that feature all the great menu items of the season to showcase to customers what you offer. This is a great way to get customers in the mood to come in and eat your seasonal offerings.

4 Interview Videos

Interviewing your employees and lead chef is important to build a human connection with your restaurant but you can also interview suppliers and contractors that make your restaurant establishment what it is. Anyone that helps your business to be special can be interviewed as part of your restaurant video marketing process.

camera crew filming testimonials

5 About Us Videos

What’s your restaurant all about? What is it that makes your team special? Share it on video as part of your restaurant video marketing initiatives. About us videos share your brilliance with the world and help consumers feel connected to your business.

6 Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos provide social proof for the customers that are considering your dining establishment. Allowing your best diners to be advocates for your brand is a great way to boost social proof and have new diners come into your establishment.

employee testimonials

7 Restaurant News Videos

Things are happening in your restaurant and this news can be a great way to boost establishment interaction for your restaurant  brand. Consider sharing your news in a video rather than a written press release. Sharing news is one of the many restaurant video marketing options you have to encourage engagement and social interaction with your brand.

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