4 Ways to Create Catchy Videos

4 Ways to Create Catchy Videos

Techniques and tips that you use when creating your videos can play a key role in whether consumers are satisfied with the content or they look the other way. Creating catchy videos is vital to success in your marketing efforts. Your viewer’s attention will either be attracted to your content in the first 5 seconds, or they will keep scrolling. Checkout these 4 ways to create catchy videos that your consumers are going to enjoy, appreciate, and remember.

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1.  Use Color Contrast

Contrasting colors can catch the eyes quickly and are vital to keeping user interest. If you’re not sure about how to use contrasting colors in your videos, consider the addition of just a single color that is bold in the setting. This will give the viewer something to look for that stands out and catches their eyes. In fact, a contrasting color can cause the viewer to actually focus more on your video as they wonder why something is a particular color. Just be sure you’re also prepared to use colors that are of a certain perception.

2.  Slow Things Down

Fast videos are all the rage, but slow motion will catch the viewer’s eye. Using slow motion in a video will keep up with the strong contrast ideas that you are looking for to gain attention. Everyone is used to seeing something happen quickly, but watching something fast, take place in slow motion, like a time-lapse video, will certain gain the attention of the wandering viewer’s eye. Create catchy videos by including time-lapse periods or by playing with the slowing of motion to help certain elements stand out from the crowd.

3.  Sounds

Catchy music and sounds can also grab viewer attention If the video is played with sound on. Remember that many social media videos by default play without sound so be sure that you’re only using sound to catch viewer interest in situations where the sound will be heard. Instead of spending budget on song rights, consider your own sounds that will catch interest. For example, something as simple as a horn honking or a child screaming can grab attention. Used right, basic sounds can be catchy for your video viewer interest.

4. Touch Emotions

Rip at the heartstrings, evoke laughter, or otherwise tug at the emotions of the viewer to catch their interest. Video content that plays up to the emotions of the viewer will keep their interest more than something that doesn’t create any emotional value. Once you hook the audience emotionally, they will stay connected for the duration.

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