4 Success Tips From Video Production Crews Using Linkedin

4 Success Tips From Video Production Crews Using Linkedin

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Linkedin marketing is a growing trend, especially among video production crews. If you’re trying to be successful with the powerful business marketing that comes from Linkedin, consider introducing video into your feed. Brands that introduce video into their Linkedin feeds are more successful in building business relationships, influencing consumer behavior, and growing their brands. Here are 4 success tips from video production crews using Linkedin.

1.  Set Goals & Objectives

First and foremost, success on Linkedin is about building your objectives out and setting goals for your Linkedin marketing. The first thing you need to do is determine how you’re going to operate on Linkedin. Are you using it to build relationships to boost your brand? Will you use it to boost brand exposure? Will you use it to gain insight from thought leaders? How you plan to utilize Linkedin plays a key role in how you set your goals and objectives. Decide this and make a plan for how you will incorporate video accordingly.

2.  Share Expertise

Success on Linkedin is about your expertise. Expert marketing on Linkedin involves sharing work-related research and valuable insight that proves your brand is the expert to listen to. As you share your expertise on Linkedin, video production crews that have past experience here recommend that you create video content that will share your knowledge and experience. Show your audience why you are an industry expert and why they should listen to you.

3.  Closed Captioning

Expert video production crews know how to create video content that will prove to your Linkedin audience that they have made the right choice in watching your content, but Closed Captioning will show audience’s that cannot hear. If you’re not using closed captioning in your Linkedin video content, you’re missing out on not only the hearing impaired, but also those who see your LInkedin videos without sound. Keep in mind that LInkedin defaults to no sound for mobile devices so Closed Captioning is the key to successfully sharing your content with everyone.

4.  Following & Sharing

Want more shares? Attract more followers. According to video production crews, using Linkedin to attract more followers may be a challenge but amazing videos are your key to success. Optimizing your page by using keywords and compelling content relative to your industry is a start to gaining LInkedin followers. Add to that videos that share your expertise and you’ll see your following and content sharing increase substantially.

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