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What are Digital Events & How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Virtual events are great, as long as there are proper planning and investment into making them exciting. While COVID may have made many businesses quickly shift to digital events as a way of hosting their previously planned initiatives to some extent despite social distancing regulations, many realized that they hadn’t fully planned for the digital environment and found that their events were not as exciting as they could have been. But what are digital events anyway? And can they really benefit your business? 

With digital events, it’s really about planning and execution — that is, planning the right experience for your audience, and executing in a way that ensures the delivery of that planned experience is spot on! Here’s what you need to know about digital events and the effect these events can have on your business.

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Digital Events are NOT In-Person Event Spinoffs!

While you may initially believe that a digital event is the “perfect spinoff” of your previously planned in-person event, think again! You can’t just shift all your previously planned initiatives and excitement to a video and expect everyone to be excited and engaged. There’s a lot more to creating digital events than hiring a digital event production crew to film your event and voila — moving on.

Do not think that you can panic your way through this. You cannot directly transfer your physical event into a digital event — it’s just not that easy!

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Technology is Key

Digital events can be highly efficient, engaging, and effective — if you have the right technology! First, you need to strategize differently. This not your typical in-person event, and it’s certainly not something you can just format into a video, share, and succeed. 

You’re going to need the technology to host the event, film the event, build engagement and benefits for your audience during the event, and promote post-event interactions and conversations with your audience based on their behaviors during the event.   

Digital events stand to take the place of many in-person events for the foreseeable future, but this does not mean that they will ever fully replace an in-person event. However, digital events, with the right technology, do provide significant benefits over the typical in-person event. For example:

● Digital events allow you to connect with consumers on a deeply personal level.

● Digital events provide control for the organizer to personalize the event to the attendees.

● Digital events allow for the incorporation of chatbots, apps, and various artificial intelligence agents to create a unique, engaging user experience. 

● Digital events facilitate networked communication before, during, and after the event.

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So, what are digital events? Digital events may not ever replace in-person events, fully, but they do stand to provide significant value to both consumers and to businesses when they are properly planned and executed. Need help putting together a digital event for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call, we’ll help you get started!

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