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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Burien

When you can’t make it work for the whole circle of loved ones to be together at a funeral, whether because of travel restrictions or conflicts with work, Funeral Live Streaming Services in Burien could be a helpful way to bring loved ones together.

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Live streaming technology allows funeral homes the ability to provide extra support to those who are dealing with grief. While it’s not the same as attending in person with the people you love, a live stream service on your phone or laptop still allows you the chance to say your goodbyes.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected

We are used to living far from home these days. Everything from the desire to travel to new jobs elsewhere have us seeing our loved ones every now and then. However, since the pandemic has caused issues with illness and travel restrictions, many people are finding technology to be a helpful way to stay connected.


This is especially true for times of grief, when it may be more challenging than ever to make it to a funeral. Live stream technology has been around for over a decade but it’s become more popular in this day and age for funerals.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

You could send flowers or messages of hope and sympathy but Funeral Live Streaming Services in Burien help you and yours be connected, thanks to the global reach it provides. Live stream services are useful for grieving loved ones.

Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming

With 20% of funeral homes providing live stream services, you can find it easier than before to plan for this technology at funerals. Keep in mind that it can be shared over a private network, so it’s just for you and your loved ones to attend.


Funeral Live Streaming Services in Burien provide these benefits:

-For some people with religious beliefs, a live stream service may be necessary when you need to plan quickly and don’t have time to wait for people who live far from home.

-Filming a service to record it for later can be important when dealing with grief or when you have loved ones who couldn’t make it in person.

-When you attend online, you may be missing out on the in-person communication. However, live stream technology has a chat feature that makes it easy for you to chat with loved ones who are attending online as well.

-If you’re a parent, you may not want to bring the kids to a funeral. However, maybe you want to be present. With live stream technology, you can be at the funeral in some way.

-Live stream services can be helpful for grieving purposes, as sometimes it can be beneficial to attend a funeral. They allow you to still be present, even if it’s through the use of your phone or laptop.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we can help you with reliable Funeral Live Streaming Services in Burien so that if you and your loved ones are grieving far from home, everyone can find support at this time. Reach out to our team today.