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How to Create a Video Marketing Campaign


Video marketing campaigns are the backbone to your video content strategy and the reason behind your efforts. But where do you begin if you’re not familiar with video marketing or you don’t have a strategy outlined just yet? We’re showing you how to create a video marketing campaign that will define the type of content you create, where you share it, and how you measure the success of your efforts. Follow along to learn video marketing basics that will help you develop a strategy that will convert viewers.

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Define Audience

Who are you creating content for? This is the first and most important question to ask before you even think about picking up a camera or hiring a film production company. Defining your target audiences and their unique behaviors through buyer personas will help you to craft video content that targets them directly and achieves your goals.

You most likely will not have a single target audience, and you most likely will not create a single type of video content. When asked, “Who is your target audience?” You should never respond, “everyone.” or “Women,” or “Men.” All of these are far too broad for appropriate targeting and strategy. The best video marketing campaigns have defined target audience segments that are based on unique demographic data such as age, gender, job, specific pain points, and other factors that define their likes and dislikes.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Attract Audience

Once you define your audience you need to determine how you will attract that audience to your marketing content. As you introduce your brand to the complete strangers that you need to develop a sense of trust in you, consider how you can connect with your audience on a personal level. You already know their struggles and what your brand can do to help, make sure you show the audience why your brand is relevant. Provide educational video content, branded commercial videos, corporate culture videos and any other form of video content that will help to attract the right audience to your brand.

Engage with the Audience

The next step in creating a video marketing campaign is to define how your video content will engage the audience. Viewers of your content know they have a problem and they are looking for a solution. As they research the solution, your website or other marketing material should help them find that your product or service will solve their problem. At this point, the viewer is already starting to formulate an opinion on your product or service and you want that opinion to be a positive one!

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Engagement videos include:

  • Explainer videos that show potential customers how your product or service works and solves their problem.
  • Branded videos that backup the ability for your product or service to solve a core problem and keep your brand fresh in the mind of the audience.
  • Case study videos that prove to the audience that your product or service has worked for others with similar problems.
  • Customer testimonial videos that build trust in your product or service by showing that others trust your brand.
  • Any form of insightful content that will help your ideal customer better understand how your product or service will help them.

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Nurture Leads

You’ve engaged the audience, now it’s time to nurture the leads that you have until they are ready to convert. Nurturing your audience with video generally focuses on providing your prospective customers useful, insightful, engaging and entertaining content that keeps your brand fresh in the consumer mind until they are ready to make a purchase.

Many forms of video are valuable for nurturing your audience. Including:

  • Videos that showcase the benefits of your product or service to solve problems.
  • Additional customer testimonial videos that show your prospects that you are trusted by others.
  • Customer onboarding videos that show how to get started with your product or service.
  • Educational videos that further help your prospect to understand their problem and the resources available to solve their problem.
  • FAQ videos that show the unique questions and answers that consumers may have in relation to their pain points.
  • Personalized content that gives insight into your brand or service and connects with the viewer.

Convert Leads

The final stage of your video marketing campaign is to covert your viewers into paying customers. Conversions may look different for each marketing campaign. For some, a conversion may be a sale. For others, a conversion may be a booked appointment. Others may describe a conversion as being a sign-up to be part of the email list.

After you define, attract, engage, and nurture your audience they are likely to take the desired action and convert into paying customers, booked appointments, email sign-ups or whatever other conversion you have defined as the primary goal of your marketing efforts.

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Conversion videos can be:

  • Thank you videos that show your customer appreciation.
  • Customer onboarding videos that show how to get started with your product or service.
  • Educational videos that show in depth insights into your product or service and offer detailed guides that support your products or services.
  • FAQ videos that show new customers answers to their top questions or the top questions that other users have had over the years.

Now that you know how to create a video marketing campaign, the next steps are to start mapping out the processes you will take part in to see your campaign through to success. Are you ready to create a video marketing campaign that will help your business grow? Call Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about the services we offer to assist you!

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