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6 Promo Videos for Marketing Agency Owners to Try Out

Telling your story is absolutely vital for a marketing agency to succeed. If you can’t tell your own story in a way that will engage consumers and convert them into paying clients, how can your clients expect you to tell THEIR story? Videos for marketing agency owners range from these short, storytelling masterpieces to abrupt social clips and complex animations. In fact, there are many different promo videos for marketing agency owners to test out for their brands. These are the 6 we find most useful.

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#1. Service Promotional Videos

Marketing agency owners should look to delivering service promotional videos to their audience to help boost sales for the services they provide. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, consider hiring a professional to help you create promo videos for marketing agency owners.

Service promotional videos highly the key concepts of a service, how it works, and how it will benefit the consumer making the plea that a particular service is a “must have” for the audience.

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#2. Instructional Videos

Teaching your clients and prospects how to get the most out of the marketing services you provide is key to building trust and promoting your marketing agency as an industry leader in these concepts.

Consider promo videos for marketing agency owners that focus on displaying instructions that will demonstrate service uses to consumers and help them to better understand the value in the services you offer.

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#3. Event Videos

As a marketing agency owner, you likely host or attend several major events annually. If your brand is heavily involved in community events or programs, consider creating event videos to promote your marketing agency.

Videos for marketing agency owners that showcase your involvement and participation in community events help consumers to see what your brand is like outside the office and further connect with your team on a deeper level.

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#4. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos for marketing agency owners are an absolute must! They are vital to generating trust online. They are vital to generating a following in society. They are vital to generating involvement with your brand.

Marketing agency owners that do not use testimonials for their growth are really missing out on a lot of opportunities. Consider both client testimonials and B2B testimonials with other brands that you work with for best results.

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#5. Brand Promotion Videos

Nothing helps consumers better connect with your marketing agency than a brand promotion. These types of promo videos for marketing agency owners deliver key details about your brand and the services you offer so that consumers can better understand your business. 

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#6. Product Review Videos

Marketing agency owners likely use various products on a regular basis to get the job done. Consider providing product review videos as part of the promotions that you showcase on your website and in your emails.

These can help consumers to see how engaged and involved your marketing agency is and will build both following and trust. Ready to get started with these videos for marketing agency owners? Call Beverly Boy Productions today.