5 Ways Buyer Personas Can Improve Your Video Targeting

Buyer personas have been used for quite some time in the marketing world to help businesses define the “ideal” buyers of their products or services and better target consumers with various marketing material. Social media and the rise in video marketing has made creating buyer personas that effectively target the ideal consumer even more vital. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your video marketing efforts, consider these 5 ways buyer personas can improve your video targeting and start creating brand videos that target your ideal audience today!

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Buyer Personas Define Consumer Behaviors

You’ve created a great video, now where will you share it? If you’re sharing your video on Facebook, but most of your ideal buyers are scrolling through Twitter, you’ve in the wrong place and not likely to see many conversions. Buyer personas can help you to define where your ideal customer is spending their time so that you can appropriately target them in those same areas. As you define your ideal buyers, consider what social networks they are using, what websites they are visiting, and how they are spending their time online. Then, use that to your advantage when you share your video content by making sure that your videos are in the right places to be seen by your ideal audience.

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Buyer Personas Define Consumer Needs

Creating buyer personas that outline the problems faced by your ideal customer will help you to define what they need and what they want. You should be able to visualize the ideal buyer’s interest and what they are looking for. As you create your marketing videos, use this information to help you craft content that focuses on these wants and needs of your ideal buyer. Targeting the unique struggles of your buyers and showing them how your product or service saves the day is crucial to successful marketing efforts with or without video.

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Buyer Personas Help You Define Audience Segments

Buyer personas will help you to define various segments of your target audience. For instance, you may have the vast target audience that is seeking running shoes, but as you hone in on the audience a bit, you find that the majority of your buyers are women and maybe you find that the majority of those are young mothers. As you continue to hone in on your audience, you can use the details that you learn to segment the audience and target content specifically to them.

Buyer Personas Help You Personalize Video Content

Is your ideal consumer from a specific region of the world, such as Paris, France? If so, consider creating video content that brings that location in and allows you to personalize the video experience to those consumers? Likewise, if you find that you buyers work in a specific field, like residential construction or in the hospital, you can create video content that is personalized to them by sharing expert opinions from contractors or doctors and healthcare professionals, respectively. As you connect personally with your audience, they will appreciate the added value in your video and remember your brand.

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Buyer Personas Can Be Used to Define Video Style

Knowing your ideal buyer means you will have a better understanding of the key features of the audience you are targeting with your video content. For instance, if you are targeting corporate CEOs, you may want to include a formal business style to your video. Likewise, if you’re targeting kindergarten teachers, you would include a more relaxed and almost child-like approach to delivering the content. Knowing your target audience can help you to define the tone of the video, the color schemes that you use and the underlying style that is used to create the perfect marketing material.

These are just a few of the ways buyer personas can improve your video targeting. For help creating videos that target a wide scale audience and connect with buyers that are part of your ideal buyer persona, call Beverly Boy Productions. We’re always ready to help!

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