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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Orem

Bringing everyone together for a funeral can be difficult to do. Scheduling conflicts, health problems and more can keep your loved ones from being at the memorial, no matter how much they want to be. This is how funeral live streaming services in Orem could be helpful.

Live streaming allows funeral homes to provide added comfort for grieving families and makes it easier for those that cannot travel to “attend” through a smartphone or other device. Attending a funeral is an important part of healing from a loss, so this is an important facet to consider when planning a memorial.

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Live Streaming Will Keep Families Connected

Obligations, jobs, and growing families can keep us and our families apart, but technology brings us together. While a funeral may not be pleasant, being connected with your loved ones during this experience can help you find peace, and you can do that with live streaming. This technology has existed for close to 20 years, but the funeral industry is just now starting to use it, particularly thanks to the pandemic.

The idea of streaming a memorial may feel improper. We can watch podcasts and church services with live streaming, but it is more difficult to use this technology for a sad event. Truthfully, though, this can bring comfort to your friends or family who cannot attend the service for a myriad of reasons. Technology keeps you all connected through the grieving experience.


Reaching the Word Over for Grieving Friends & Family


Instead of sending flowers or well-wishes when you cannot make it to a memorial because of being too far away or too ill, live streaming allows you to be there without having to be there in person. Funeral live streaming services in Orem give funeral homes the ability to provide a service that keeps families connected through this tough time.


Several Helpful Factors of Funeral Live Streaming

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Live streaming funeral services may feel crude, but around a quarter of funeral homes currently provide funeral live streaming. Live streaming this sad time can be done via a closed network where you stream only to those you want to see it who cannot attend due to travel restrictions, health problems, or scheduling conflicts.


Funeral live streaming services in Orem make it easier in the following ways:


Planning a funeral quickly is great for those who have religious beliefs that require them to bury their family member quickly. Things can be done faster when live streaming takes away the need to wait for traveling loved ones to arrive.


– Filming and recording the service allows those who are present to go back to watch any special moments they may have missed, and that helps them to fully grieve, as they should be able. It also helps those who were not present to see the service when they can.


– Those attending remotely can stay in touch with others who are tuning in via live stream and with those who are present at the service, helping to keep families connected as they grieve, even if they cannot physically be together.


– Being a part of the funeral allows for full grieving. Saying goodbye at a funeral has been shown to help people as they go through the stages of grief.


– Some parents don’t want to bring their kids to funerals, so live streaming helps them to say goodbye without having to help their children through the experience, too.


Live streaming a funeral is not something you want to discuss right now, but if it is necessary to talk about funerals, it is best to be prepared. Knowing that you can bring your family together to be a part of the service can be a relief.


Beverly Boy Productions can provide you with discretion and trusted services that allow your loved ones to be together during this challenging time through funeral live streaming services in Orem. Bringing everyone together to say goodbye to a loved one can be difficult, so we make it easier. If you need extra support through this trying time, we can assist with your live streaming needs. Call or message today!