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5 Ways Documentary Film Production Companies in New York Can Help Your Business Grow

When most people think of documentary films they think of history, docu-series programs, and those long and drawn out re-enactments of times past. Rarely does someone think about corporate growth, and the use of a documentary film by a business owner to position the brand for growth. In fact, you’re probably thinking, “What do documentary film production companies in New York know about business growth?” And honestly, what does a documentary even have to do with business, anyway? Here are 5 ways documentary film production companies in New York can help your business grow!

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The reality is, corporate documentary filmmaking is more prominent than you think, and it’s extremely useful in positioning a business for growth.

In fact, Beverly Boy Productions has assisted several NYC businesses in achieving their business goals just by producing corporate documentaries that represent strong, hyper-targeted marketing tools. Give us a call to learn more about creating a documentary for your business, and what video can do to benefit your brand.

Achieve Business Goals

Corporate documentaries can be used by businesses to achieve a variety of goals. Professional documentary film production companies in New York, like Team Beverly Boy, can assist your business in creating a powerfully effective documentary that delivers a unique message about your business which sets the stage for growth. Checkout these ways that documentary film production can help your business succeed.

1. Share The Legacy, and Build Trust

Has your business been around for a long time? The legacy behind your business, and the story of that legacy, is something that could help your business to grow.


Customers, prospective customers, and even newly hired employees or prospective employees will be excited to learn more about your business and how it came about all those years ago. A corporate documentary about your legacy can help your audience to gain new appreciation and trust for your brand.


2. Share Your History, and Build Awareness

Team Beverly Boy filming Customer testimonial video

Corporate documentaries that dictate the history of your brand, or the history of a particular product offered by your brand can help you to target audience members that may otherwise not know much about your business.


Sharing your brand’s message to this new audience can help to build brand awareness, which can ultimately lead to more business growth in the future. Those who learn about your brand through the documentary are likely to recall in the future when they need your products.

3. Share Your Values, and Build Community Support

Does your business actively support core values that your community would be proud of? Are you generously giving to a particular non-profit every year? Are a portion of your sales proceeds going towards a particular cause?


Documentary film production companies in New York can help you to visualize your business from an outsider’s perspective, and if you’re already deeply rooted with core values that others would be proud of, a documentary could help your community to see your business in a new manner.


Actively working to help others and sharing your story in a documentary can help you to build community support for your business.

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4. Document Processes, and Build Interest in Your Brand

Live Shoot for Brand

Documentaries can be produced while a particular process is occurring, they don’t always have to be produced long after the fact.


For example, if you’re creating a new product, a documentary that follows the product development from beginning to end is a great way for you to produce content that will later build interest for your brand.


Your audience can see everything that took place in producing your product which is especially valuable if your brand is committed to product excellence – a documentary can prove that commitment building stronger interest and stronger trust in your brand.


5. Share Corporate Culture, and Build a Team that Inspires Growth

Documentaries that can encourage business growth don’t always do so directly, through sales or increased customers. Sometimes, growth occurs indirectly, such as through a qualified team that works hard and is dedicated to the success of the brand.


Documentary film production companies in New York can assist you in formulating your brand story to communicate your corporate culture and values through the documentary.


This type of documentary can be shared with your newly hired team members, and with existing team members, to encourage a particular corporate culture is continued and to ensure values carryon in future teams.


This too results in growth for your business because a strong team leads to a strong business!