10 Benefits of Hiring a Houston, Texas Production Company

10 Things to Explore When Hiring a Houston, Texas Production Company At Beverly Boy Productions, we are a full service  Houston, Texas production company. With the city’s rich history, it’s unique museums, and the country’s space program, there are several reasons why it’s a great place for your experience with a local production team. Here are […]

Top 6 Houston Film Schools for Novice Filmmakers to Consider

We know that there are a handful of different film schools in Houston, Texas. In order to get an idea of what each film school entails, we’ve created a list of the Top 6 Houston Film Schools. Feel free to consider these options as you pave the path to your production career. Good luck, future Houston […]

Top 5 Houston Film Studios to Consider For Your Project

Top 5 Houston Film Studios to Consider For Your Project Looking for Houston film studios? We have come up with a list of our top favorites in the area. The film and video production industry in Houston, Texas has grown considerably. The demand for video content for social media marketing and the internet, in general, […]

How to Find the Right Houston Event Videographer

How to Hire the Right Houston Event Videographer  Finding the right Houston event videographer is important for every project. Event videos are one of the best methods you can use to interact with your clients or your potential team members. You can share industry knowledge, just as much as you can learn it, as well as gather […]

8 Awesome Cameras Used by the Top Houston Video Camera Crews

Top 8 cameras Houston video camera crews swear by In Houston, Texas there are many cameras that can be used by professionals. In the past months, we’ve begun to realize which ones we really can’t do a project without and our list also reflects some that our clients have asked us to use. It also includes go-to […]

Hire a Camera Crew in Houston

Melbourne. FL Live Streaming Company

Top 10 reasons to hire a Camera Crew in Houston Looking to hire a camera crew in Houston? At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients call on us when they need to hire a camera crew in Houston. This town has made a name for itself as one of the Best Cities in America. Boasting over […]