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10 Best Reasons to Hire an Austin, Texas Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, we have a client base that knows why we’re the best option for when you need to do a brand campaign or digital marketing campaign. If you’re looking for a great Austin, Texas production company that knows the city well, you’ve come to the right place for the best video production. Austin is the ideal city for unique and trendy campaigns. Here are 10 reasons to hire an Austin, Texas production company:

  1. Native HostelsAustin, Texas Production Company

Is it a hostel? Is it a bar? Is it an event center? Or, maybe it’s an art gallery? We don’t know and we don’t care. Native Hostels is known as one of the trendiest places to hang out at in Austin. Whether you’re meeting with your Austin camera crew for a pre-production meeting or want to use the street art on the outside walls as a backdrop for testimonials, rest assured that if you want to see and be seen in Austin, Native is the place you want to be.

  1. McKinney Falls State Park

One of the favorite water holes in the city for those looking for some water fun during the summer, McKinney Falls State Park is a local nature park right in the city. If you want a natural backdrop for your commercial video production, why not consider working with your Austin, Texas production company to capture the unique beauty of one of the most visited Austin parks.

  1. ClimateAustin, Texas Production Company

The climate in Austin is generally quite warm. As a Texan city, it’s often quite hot in the summer, but thanks to the many water spots in the city, locals spend a lot of time cooling off when the heat is a bit too much. During the winter, the temperatures do drop, but they never get much lower than 40-degrees. There is always the chance of freak snow-fall but it happens once every blue moon. Rainy weather is common during the months of February and March, but the best Austin, Texas production company knows how to work around bad weather.

  1. Town LakeAustin, Texas Production Company

Austin is known for being a place full of active people. From runners to cyclists to kayakers, there is an abundance of things to do near the lake. It’s a highly happening place on the weekend, especially when the weather is clear and sunny. If you want to capture the Austin spirit, set up to film with one of the local production companies in Austin when the sun is going down—it’s simply beautiful.

  1. MohawkAustin, Texas Production Company

One thing you have to know about Austin is that it’s full of great spots for live music. One such  place is Mohawk. It’s been an iconic place for years now, offering a close and personal experience for those who want to enjoy their favorite band at this happening venue.

  1. FoodAustin, Texas Production Company

Austin is known for its live music scene, but did you know that it’s also known for great food. Here are some of the most popular spots in the city:

  1. Justine’s Brasserie: Is it the food? Is it the charming style of the restaurant? Is it the hidden spots in the back? Or is it the garden? We don’t know why Justine’s is such a favorite but it truly is and a place that you’ll want to visit.
  2. Torchy’s Tacos: You know that Texans love their tacos right? Torchy’s Tacos has quickly became a favorite in only a few short areas. Their variety of tacos, their queso, their service? It’s the taco experience that you want.
  3. Terry Black’s Barbecue: If you want to try barbeque while in Austin, then you must visit this favorite spot. While you will face long lines, the wait is worth it for some delectable brisket.


  1. Texas State CapitolAustin, Texas Production Company

The Texas State Capitol is an impressive building that can be seen all the way down South Congress, making it a favorite backdrop for many of the top production companies in the city. Not only does it look amazing when the sun is setting or on a sunny and clear day, it’s also full of interesting architecture and beautiful landscapes.

  1. HistoryAustin, Texas Production Company

The Austin that you see now is vastly different from the Austin of the past. It’s grown leaps and bounds in the past 7 years. Dating back to 1839, the city was named after Stephen F. Austin who happened to also be known as the Father of Texas. As the capital of Texas, Austin may be “little” but boy is she fierce. For those who aren’t the biggest fans of Texas, Austin is certainly the exception and she’s fought to remain that way, thanks to the great music scene and the overall open-minded vibe of this happening city.

  1. PermitsAustin, Texas Production Company

You can’t just pick up a state-of-the art camera and start filming just anywhere in Austin. While you don’t always need a permit to film, you may need to find out for sure before closing a street or filming in a city park. Make sure to check before you get started and if you’re going to be using fake weapons or pyrotechnic, permits are a must.

  1. Zilker Metropolitan ParkAustin, Texas Production Company

During the summer, Zilker comes alive with people enjoying picnics and sports, and people playing with their dogs, and visiting the nearby Barton Springs. In the later months of the year, it’s the setting for all kinds of festivals and experiences, from music festivals to Christmas lights. If you want the perfect location for capturing the high-rises in the distance, bring your Austin, Texas production company here.

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