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Top 10 Things to Look For When Hiring a San Antonio, Texas Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, we are dedicated to giving our best as a top San Antonio, Texas production company. San Antonio is a city rich in history, culture, and great cuisine. If you’re all about the “Tejano” lifestyle, this is the perfect place for filming. Here are 10 reasons to hire a San Antonio, Texas production company:

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  1. The Alamo

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

If you know Texan history and you know how hard Texas fought to be independent from Mexico, the Alamo holds a world of importance. A group of Texans who fought hard at the Alamo in 1836 will always be remembered, thanks to the fact that the Alamo still stands to remind people of the sacrifices made for Texas during this defeat. It’s a fascinating place to visit and is also ideal to use as a location for your local digital marketing campaign. There’s a reason why the Alamo is one of the most-visited landmarks in San Antonio and even in Texas.

  1. San Antonio River Walk

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

A lovely and enjoyable location in San Antonio, the River Walk is a must for anything from a romantic stroll with your sweetheart to a night out of wining and dining, or even as a location when you work with one of the top production companies in San Antonio. Known as “The American Venice,” you can only imagine how worth it is to visit the San Antonio River Walk. From Spanish and Greek-inspired restaurants to boat rides on the river, it’s the perfect place for an in-city getaway.

  1. Climate

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

As many cities in Texas, San Antonio has warm weather throughout the majority of the year. Temperatures are known to reach up to 101-degrees, making summers quite oppressive. Winter is short and cool and sometimes wet, but temperatures rarely drop below 31-degrees, making it a pleasant time for outdoor video production with your San Antonio camera crew.

  1. Natural Bridge Caverns

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

A great spot for those looking for some fun outside the city, the Natural Bridge Caverns  is the ideal nature destination for you. Whether you want a unique location for the best video production or you simply want to explore a unique underworld with incredible formations, Natural Bridge Caravans is a very popular destination in the area of San Antonio.

  1. San Antonio Botanical Gardens

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

With 38-acres of gardens, the San Antonio Botanical Gardens are not only home to some beautiful native plants, but you can also enjoy local experiences like visiting the Lucile Hasell Conservatory, the East Texas Lake, and the Texas Native Trail. There are plenty of activities to do, whether you visit with your crew or on your own.

  1. Food

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

San Antonio is not left behind when it comes to variety in cuisine and boasts of several great restaurants. From unique dishes to your favorite cuisine like Italian and Mexican, there is something for everyone in this Texan city. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Clementine: This unique restaurant may be perfect for those who like a bit of spontaneity when it comes to their meals. Designed by experts Elise Russ and John Russ, you can either order a dish from the menu or choose a unique option where you allow these masterminds to surprise you.
  2. Singhs Vietnamese has all the staples that you know and love from a Vietnamese restaurant and a couple of surprises as well. If you love banh mi and goi, then this is the place for you.
  3. Created by Mexican-born Alex Paredes, Carnitas Lonja is Mexican food at its finest–at least when it comes to what you can find in the U.S. From the handmade tortillas to the delectable salsa, Mexican food lovers that know authentic dishes will truly love this special treat in San Antonio.


  1.  San Antonio Missions National Historical ParkSan Antonio, Texas Production Company

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a must-visit location, both for those who are new to the area and people who want a unique place for capturing footage with a talented San Antonio, Texas production company. With four of five-the fifth being the Alamo- Spanish missions, this is where the Catholic church designed to reach the indigenous people with Christianity.  An iconic landmark in Texan history, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is as interesting as it is unique.

  1. History

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

Founded in 1718, San Antonio is a very important city in Texan history. Once the largest city in the state of Texas and also one of the oldest locations where the Spanish set up colonies, San Antonio was a key player in Texas becoming an American state.  With the Alamo and the San Antonio Missions both important buildings that relate to the history of Texas becoming an American state, one can understand that San Antonio is truly a city that holds importance in the history of Texas and the United States.

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  1. Permits

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

With some of the famous landmarks in San Antonio, you’re going to need to expect to get permits for filming, especially if it is a commercial video production. As in many cities, you’ll also need to get permits for projects that require street closures, or actors posing as officers, etc. A top San Antonio, Texas production company can help.

  1. Japanese Tea Garden

    San Antonio, Texas Production Company

A tranquil location in the middle of San Antonio, you don’t have to go far to enjoy some peace and quiet. Once a rock quarry, this garden is truly a haven of peace with it’s perfectly landscaped gardens, lovely ponds with Koi fish, and pavilions for relaxing or even celebrations, the Japanese Tea Garden is a great spot for a break or even as a set for your project with a local San Antonio, Texas production company.