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5 Tips for Choosing Long Island TV and Film Production Companies

Who you work with for your video production is a big decision. Hiring the right professional production company for your Long Island business to work can improve the chances of your video project being successful for your brand. Making the wrong choice, or turning to a production company that lacks the necessary experience required to professionally bring your project to success can result in substantially lower ROI for your project. Because who you work with to produce your film is such a big decision that can impact the success of your project, it’s important to consider the following tips before choosing Long Island TV and film production companies

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1. Begin with a Plan for Your Production

Whether producing for television or for your own website or other media campaigns, it’s important to know what you want out of your video production project and what it will take for your business to succeed with video.

Are you a large Long Island business owner considering an extension of your business online that needs to produce video to expand your eCommerce sales? Are you a small Long Island business that simply wants to draw attention to your business through social media

Whatever it is that you need, think about the style and type of video content that you wish to produce. This is important because it will have an impact on how you choose between the many Long Island TV and film production companies available to assist you.

2. Look for Niche-Specific Providers

Finding production companies that deliver the style and type of video content that is most appealing, and most targeted to your industry is equally important. As you look for niche specific providers that can support your filmmaking needs, consider:

  • Whether they have a history of past projects in your industry.
  • Whether they have a history of past projects of the same type that you want (such as testimonials or case studies or corporate videos).
  • Whether they understand your industry (if you’re a doctor, do they have past healthcare clients? If you’re an eCommerce store, do they have a history of working with retailers, eComm?)

3. Quantity is NOT As Important as Quality

Granted, you want to make sure that the Long Island TV and film production companies you’re considering have enough experience to deliver an exceptionally produced project for you, but quantity isn’t everything!

A production company with just a few really great projects in your niche or industry is just as good of a candidate, or better, than a filmmaker that has dozens of subpar projects. Quantity is good, IF the quality is good!

Look for a production company that has a healthy mix of quantity projects that have exceptional quality.

4. Get the Conversation Going

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Before you can ever choose Long Island TV and film production companies that may be ideal for you to work with, you’ve got to have a conversation with each of the top contenders on your list.

This is about more than just asking random questions about your project. This is about how you feel when you chat with the production company.

Video production is going to bring you and your production crew together multiple times over the course of a project. Even a short video will require several interactions back and forth.

If you’re not comfortable with the production company that you’re working with, it’s going to be a long, difficult, and drawn out journey at best. 

When chatting with the production company, make sure that:

  • You feel comfortable talking to them.
  • You sense their engagement in your project.
  • They appear interested in what you have to say and in the project itself.
  • They have their own ideas (and you like them – at least most of them!).
  • They offer insight and thoughts about how they would proceed with the project.
  • Their management style is similar to your own.

All of this is important in choosing between the various Long Island TV and film production companies that you’ve listed for consideration.

5. Check Past Client Feedback & Reviews

Before you consider working with any of the Long Island TV and film production companies that are on your list it’s important to get some insight from past clients. This can help you get a glimpse into what you might be up for. Ask for past client contact information, and CALL!

When you call past clients, ask them:

  • If they were satisfied with the project that they worked on with the production crew.
  • If they would work with the production crew again.
  • If there were any problems in their project or the management of their project that did not get taken care of appropriately.
  • Whether there are any items they would change about their project. 
  • If they would consider their video project a success.

A great review from a past client is a green light for you to consider hiring the company. A poor review certainly isn’t the end but does signify the need to research further.

Make sure that you consider all of these tips before choosing Long Island TV and film production companies that might be ideal for your business to work with, or if you’d like to speak with a local company that’s ready to provide video production services throughout Long Island and in NYC for you, give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 646-448-8787!