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Funeral Live Streaming Services 

Life happens without warning sometimes and unexpected tragedies come up at often challenging times. Whether you’re across the globe or sick when you lose a loved one, travel to the funeral could be difficult for you. This is when funeral live streaming services in Nashville could help to make things easy for you and bring peace. 

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Live streaming technology is a service that funeral homes know can provide some level of comfort to people who are not able to attend a funeral due to circumstances beyond their control. Families and friends find strength through staying connected during difficult times so using live streaming for a funeral could be one way you can all be present, even if it’s not physically. 

Live Streaming Funeral Services Helps Connect Families

As life goes on and families grow, people travel, and friends take jobs, our circle tends to be spread across the country or even around the globe. With this in mind, when a tragedy happens, it’s not always easy to bring everyone together. While live streaming services have been around for nearly two decades, it’s only been recent that funeral homes have started offering these services. 

We don’t question sporting events or concerts that are live-streamed but the idea of streaming such a somber event as a memorial service may cause questions. The thing is that funeral live streaming services in Nashville can actually help to keep your family connected during what is a very tough time for everyone and allows everyone to attend in some way. While unique, a funeral home live streaming could be very beneficial. 

Worldwide Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

Whether it’s social distancing, unforeseen circumstances, or scheduling issues, there are many reasons that your family member may not be able to attend a funeral in person. Funeral live streaming allows them to be at the memorial in some way, even if it’s not a conventional one. Live streaming the funeral of a friend or loved one can help those with travel conflicts or other circumstances that allow them to show up in person at the memorial.  

The Good Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming

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Although the idea of live streaming funeral services could seem inappropriate, 20% of funeral homes currently offer funeral live streaming to clients who have lost loved ones. We’re not talking about sharing a funeral with the world but rather a private event that is accessed by invite only on a closed network. This type of experience can allow for healing and connected families through what is a very challenging time for everyone.  

In addition to offering a funeral service from a remote location, funeral live streaming also offers the following benefits for people: 

  • Planning funeral services quickly can be important for many faiths, such as the Jewish community. Quick burial following the passing of a loved one is important and when you don’t have to plan and wait for traveling family members, it can make it easy. 
  • Live services can be recorded so if you need to see the service over again you can or if you want to see moments you may have missed due to overwhelming grief, you can watch the recorded video. There are many ways that living the memorial over again can help the grieving process. 
  • Those attending remotely can keep in touch with the other family members or friends through chat during the live stream. This can do a lot in helping people feel connected during a very tragic time. 
  • Individuals that wouldn’t have been able to attend the funeral are able to show up even if it’s only online. It is considered an important part of the grieving process to be there during the funeral, so even if it’s through the internet, it could help you deal with the loss of the person you love. 
  • You may want to keep your kids from dealing with the overwhelming grief that is often present at funerals but you may want to be there to pay respects yourself. Funeral live streaming services in Nashville may help you do just that.

Although a funeral isn’t easy to talk about or plan for, knowing that the whole family and circle can stay connected through a tragic experience like the loss of your loved one can help you find some sort of peace in an otherwise difficult situation. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we understand how difficult this time is and we know that while it’s not something you want to plan for, knowing everyone can be in touch during this time can help a lot. We’re here to provide the discreet, compassionate service you need during this time, so don’t hesitate to call us.