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 Live Video Streaming Production Preparation Tips for Success

Preparation is the key to success when broadcasting, but there’s not always a lot of time to prepare ahead of a live video streaming production. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping during the live stream, and there are no do-overs if you make a mistake, have an equipment failure, or otherwise face challenges along the way. That’s why it is so important to plan and prepare for your live video streaming production ahead of the process when possible.

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Follow these preparation tips for a successful live video broadcast of your event or important program.

  1. Know Your Audience

First and foremost, you need to know who you’re going to be livestreaming to. Knowing your audience ahead of the production is key. If you’re unsure, this is your chance to take some time to get to know who your audience is and what it is that makes them react emotionally. This way you can go into the broadcast with an understanding of the types of content that will be most influential to them and you can incorporate key graphics into your livestream production to keep your target audience engaged and interested during the course of the event.

  1. Make Lists for Major Preparation Tasks

Checklists are key when it comes to live video streaming production preparation. Whether you’re making a list of things that need to be setup ahead of the stream, equipment that you must bring for the broadcast, or specific requirements during the show, these lists are going to assist you with the production. Taking your time, well in advance of the live broadcast, to make a list that will help you to keep the production process on track is important to the success of your broadcasted event.

  1. The More You Prepare the Less Stressful a Live will Be


Live video streaming production that includes proper preparation is important to ensure the least potential overall stress involved during the event. The more you take time out ahead of the event to prepare, the least stressed you should be on the broadcast day. Knowing your audience, having your checklists, and making notes of any important points you should cover during the broadcast are just a few minimum essential steps you should take to prepare ahead of time.

  1. Review Broadcast Timeline with Crew Ahead of the Live

Whether it’s just a quick 3-5 minute meeting to go over key details, or a full run-through of the broadcast with complete rehearsal, it’s very important to review the broadcast timeline with your crew ahead of the live event. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a ton of time to review so it’s important to plan accordingly. Use what time you have, whether a little or a lot, to prepare your crew by providing them with a timeline of the important elements of the event and to prioritize assignments.

  1. Always Rehearse As Much As Possible Ahead of the Event

While you can’t always rehearse the entire event, there is usually time to rehearse something. Depending on your time, it’s important to take what time you have to rehearse with your crew. Live streaming an event may only provide for a quick 30 minute rundown or it may provide for full rehearsal but the important tip here is to do as much rehearsal of the intricacies of the event as possible when you can.

  1. Prepare Event Graphics & Overlays Before the Live Stream

The last thing you want is to be stuck trying to put together graphics for offline feed pages, overlays, or other portions of the event during the broadcast. These are all things that can take place ahead of the live stream in order to save you valuable time during the broadcast while providing the audience with top quality visuals. At bare minimum you should have an offline graphic, and your overlays, ready to go when the event goes live.

  1. Check Gear & Equipment Before Going Live

This should be a no-brainer, and it should occur during rehearsal, but it’s important to check gear and equipment before you go live on the broadcast. You should have backup equipment for every important item such as a camera, cable, batter or other gear, too. Use the old adage if you have one you have none, as representation of what it means to show up without backup equipment in case you have an issue.

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  1. Simplicity is Key to Success

When it comes to live video streaming production preparation, simplicity is key to success for your broadcast. Sometimes it’s better to be overly simplistic than to show something that appears unprofessional. For example, if you want to cut to another camera, but it’s out of focus, it’s going to be better to keep focus on a single camera for the time than it would be to cut. Your broadcast is going to appear more professional in doing so.

  1. Prepare Controls & Your Platform Before the Event

You don’t always have full control over your live streaming platform, particularly if filming live on Facebook or YouTube, but if you’re using a private party platform for your live video streaming production, consider preparing the controls ahead of time for best success.

  1. Bring an Extra Crew Member

If and whenever possible, live video streaming production preparation requires that you bring an additional crew member with you to the broadcast and plan for them to act as a floater that will assist with various essential duties as they arise. One thing is certain when live streaming and that’s the fact that unexpected things will happen and you will need support to correct problems without interrupting the broadcast. Having an added crew member available makes this possible.