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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Carson

If you can’t all be together to say goodbye to your loved ones, consider using funeral live streaming services in Carson to connect everyone at such a difficult time. This kind of service can help you and your loved ones grieve together, despite distance. 

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Live streaming technology is one way that funerals offer added support for families who may be grieving. If your loved ones can’t make it due to illness, cost, or job issues, they can still attend through the use of their computer or smartphone. Attending a funeral is an important part of grieving, so if possible, consider using this option for a loved one’s memorial service. 


Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected


Jobs, travel, or marriage are all reasons for which families end up in different places. This is where technology has played an important part in keeping loved ones connected. A funeral service is never fun but knowing that you and yours can stay connected throughout the experience can bring some peace. This kind of tech has been around for decades but it’s just now becoming commonly used in the funeral industry.


We know that the whole idea of streaming a memorial service can seem a bit odd. While we easily watch events and concerts using live stream services, it can feel a bit inappropriate to use it for such a serious occasion. But, the reality is that it’s beneficial for loved ones who simply can’t be together but who want to grieve together.


Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

Instead of sending flowers or condolences when you can’t make it to a memorial because you’re too far away to arrive in time or you may be too ill to travel, live streaming allows you to be a part of the experience without having to be there in person. Funeral live streaming services in Carson make it easy for funeral homes to provide a service that keeps families connected through such a challenging time.

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Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming



While the concept of live streaming funeral services may seem odd, there are about 20% of funeral homes providing this service for grieving circles. We aren’t talking about live streaming the service for your whole online following. Live streaming services can be shared over a network that’s password-protected, so only family and friends are able to attend.  


Funeral live streaming services in Carson simplifies things in the following ways:


– For those who may need to plan the funeral quickly, whether for religious reasons or otherwise, live stream services can be beneficial. It can help you prepare things rapidly so that you don’t have to wait for traveling family members.


– When you capture the service for live streaming, you can also record it. Some of your circle may not be able to make it to the service, so recording it can help them be present in some way.


– Those attending remotely can stay connected in the service, both with anyone who is attending remotely, and also those who are there in-person. Being connected during the service can help you grieve together during this difficult time.


– Being at a funeral service can help families grieving. Saying goodbye in some way, whether through a live stream or in-person, can be helpful for the various stages of grief.


– Some parents would rather not expose their kids to grief when they’re little. Live streaming can be beneficial for you though, so consider attending in this way to say your goodbyes.


At Beverly Boy Productions, we know it’s not easy to talk about this kind of topic. But, we also know that funeral live streaming services in Carson can be beneficial. Let us take care of the hard stuff and provide the live streaming support you need to make sure your family can be together during the service. Drop us a line today!