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Why Micro Video Marketing is a Must for a Killer Marketing Strategy

Micro videos are not new, they’ve been popular for several years and continue to be a sticking point for brands that are seeking to establish connections online, especially those seeking to connect with the younger generations. We see micro video content consistently gaining attention and, despite the fact that this style of content started to gain traction nearly a decade ago, these short, high-impact videos continue to attract audience attention on Instagram stories, TikTok, and elsewhere. In fact, if you’re planning your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, micro video marketing most certainly should be on your radar.

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The average consumer attention span is down from nearly 30 seconds many years ago to about 12 seconds in 2000 and only 8 seconds in 2016. We’re quickly losing our ability to focus our attention for long periods of time (or really, even for very short periods of time).

With more than 80% of users stating that they recall a video ad that they had viewed in the previous month, there’s really no question as to whether or not video is important, the biggest question for most businesses is — how many videos will we create and how will we incorporate video marketing into our current marketing strategy?

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What is a Micro Video?

Micro videos have been explained in many different ways over the years, but the best definition we can provide is that a micro-video is a short video that is between about 5 and 15 seconds in total length.

They’re essentially a shortened form of a short video. Don’t confuse micro videos with short videos which can be between 30 seconds and about 2 or 3 minutes. These really aren’t micro videos.

Of course, marketers and video producers and people in general all have different ideas about what constitutes a “micro” video.

And, arguably, micro videos could really be described as a 30 second to 1 minute video IF your business generally produces longer form videos — because if you generally produce movies (for example) and now produce some video content that is 1 minute long, it is certainly “micro” compared to your normal routine. 

Thus, micro-video marketing refers to the marketing and promotion of video content that is shorter than the average or shorter than the normal length for your business or brand. Generally, for most businesses, micro video marketing refers to marketing videos that are under 30 seconds.

Why is Micro Video Marketing Important?

Okay, so why is micro video marketing important for your overall business marketing strategy? If the stats mentioned at the beginning of the post were not sufficient enough to help you see the value in micro videos, consider the following:

  • Micro videos represent one of the simplest opportunities you will find to get started with video. WHY? Because they are short, affordable, and don’t require an extensive script or near the investment that would be expected from other forms of longer video content.
  • Micro videos are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. In fact, a single micro video that is produced can be used across various social media channels, on your website, in your email marketing campaigns and elsewhere online.
  • Micro videos can be used to diversify your content marketing efforts – if you’re not already doing video, consider micro video marketing to extend your current content marketing efforts and reach a larger audience.

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