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5 Professional Micro Video Marketing Tips for Success

How can you ensure that each of your micro videos is a success? Before production even begins, you should be considering your marketing efforts for your video.

Micro video marketing actually begins the minute you think about using micro videos in your social media marketing campaigns. To get the most out of your micro videos, we’ve put together a list of professional micro video marketing tips to help you out.

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We mentioned that micro video marketing begins even before production — remember that? The minute you think of a topic to cover on video you should also be thinking about:

  • How you can use your video to provide value to your customers.
  • How your video will align with existing goals.
  • Where you will distribute your video.
  • Who your audience is.
  • Your video marketing strategy.

Before you begin planning out your micro video marketing strategy, consider the following 5 professional micro video marketing tips for success. consider the following 5 micro video marketing tips:

1. Keep it Simple to Reduce Cognitive Load

Use distinct symbols and on screen text in place of spoken words. Use sound effects to support the visual. It’s also important to follow the rule of thirds when producing micro videos.

Keep your facts, figures, or other elements on screen in the lower third, upper third or to the right or left third of the screen for best results.

The idea is to use simple, easy to recognize visuals that compliment your message without making it difficult to understand – you want to simplify and since the brain is able to process visual images 60K times faster than text, data processing is best when visual aids are provided. 

2. Segment Your Audience into Micro Audiences

Segmenting your audience into smaller, more defined audiences for micro-video content will help you be more targeted with your marketing messages.

Perhaps you’ve heard micro video marketing tips discuss segmentation in greater detail, but the overall idea is to group your audience based on specific, focused factors such as:

  • Consumer interest.
  • Living style.
  • Age group.
  • Culture.
  • Entertainment views.

With just a few seconds to connect and deliver your message, consider segmenting your audiences to get more attraction with your micro videos.

You can segment your audience based on just about any factors that make sense to you. Use data points that pertain to your business and most importantly, place relevance of your campaign at the forefront of your segmentation strategy.

3. Consider Timely Micro Video Marketing Campaigns

Timely or time-sensitive campaigns are difficult to invest in for some businesses, especially the small-business with a limited budget.

You of course want to promote your time sensitive campaigns such as last minute sales or seasonal offerings, but you may not have as much to invest in this type of content because it won’t necessarily be useful for your business long-term. 

Your evergreen content may appear to be a better long-term investment, but micro videos can be used to incorporate some seasonal marketing into your mix. 

To get the most out of your seasonal or time-sensitive micro videos, consider covering things like seasonal product launches, seasonal events or sales, and real-time promotions. 

4. Mix DIY It Up

DIY videos are an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your audience on a more relaxed level, but don’t underestimate the value of professionally produced micro videos too — you should consider a mix of both.

In fact, one of the best micro video marketing tips we can offer is that for best results with your micro video marketing you really should take steps to mix professionally produced videos with your heartfelt, original, and genuine DIY videos. 

If you’re afraid of appearing on camera or you’re not sure where to start, browse your competitors and see what they’re doing on TikTok or other social platforms — you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be and how simple some of your marketing could be.

5. Always Include a CTA

You only have 5-15 seconds, so it can be tough to get everything in, but don’t forget your CTA. Including a call-to-action that drives viewers to your end goal represents your opportunity to connect your micro video marketing campaigns with your existing campaigns for maximum success.

Make sure that your call-to-action is relevant. It’s very important for your micro videos to include a relevant call-to-action that supports your key message and makes sense for your viewers to follow through with.

A strategic call to action can help your audience to make the next decision whether it’s buying your product or service, making an appointment, calling your customer service line, sharing the video, or taking any other action desired.

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