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4 Louisville Film Festivals You Don’t want to Miss.

Film fans in Louisville, listen up! Here are 4 city film festivals you don’t want to miss. When it comes to the Louisville video production community, festivals are essential, so here are our top picks:

1. GalaxyCon (Super Geek Film Festival)

Louisville Film Festivals - GalaxyCon Louisville


Kentucky International Convention Center

221 S 4th St

Louisville, KY 40202


[email protected]

(919) 907-0424

This festival sounds like a lot of fun! Not only is it home to the Super Geek Film Festival, but get on board if you also love comics, cosplay, animation, sci-fi, gaming, and pop culture. On top of that, there are also Q&A sessions, card/board games, awards, photo ops, and parties. Ticket prices vary by day, so check the website for more specifics.

2. Louisville Film Society Short Film Slam at Speed Cinema

Louisville Film Festivals - Louisville Film Society Short Film Slam


Speed Cinema

2035 South 3rd Street

Louisville, KY 40208


[email protected]

(502) 873-0067

This festival consists of short films created by local talent that are 15 minutes or less. These films are screened at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville with a Q&A and audience comments to follow. If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have a whole day/weekend to spend screening films, this little fest is perfect because it lasts about 90 minutes. These shorts feature a variety of directors.

3. Louisville Jewish Film Festival

Louisville Film Festivals - Louisville Jewish Film Festival


Jewish Community Center

3600 Dutchmans Lane

Louisville, KY 40205


(502) 459-0660

The Louisville Jewish Film Festival is just one of the city film festivals which lifts up cultural diversity. Films will be screened that highlight the Jewish experience while bringing together different faiths and identities all in one place. Besides film, speakers will give talks, and there will be other events. Some of the film titles include Shoelaces, The Light of Hope, and Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles.

4. Louisville’s International Festival of Film

Louisville Film Festivals - Louisville International Festival of Film


Muhammad Ali Center

144 North 6th Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202


[email protected]

If you like your film festivals on the traditional side, you don’t want to miss this one. This festival introduces and nourishes future international filmmakers and those in Louisville. Recent projects include profiles of great success stories in various professions. Awards are given to international films, local films, and fan favorites. This festival educates and supports those in the industry who have completed a film but need distribution, and is also responsible for nurturing high school students who want to pursue film as a career. Going a step further, this festival hosts a sub-festival for young filmmakers hoping to break into the film business with their talents.

With the city film festivals on Louisville’s schedule, you will find a variety of festivals to choose from. Whether you’re in it for a couple of hours, or a couple of days, this city is teeming with awesome film festivals.