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Tracking Video Engagement: Animated vs Talking Head Retention Stats

When it comes to tracking user retention based on the style of content you produce or the types of videos you create there are a lot of variables to think about which can impact the numbers. With animated videos and talking head interviews, monitoring the retention statistics and engagement of each can have several implications on end conversions.

Of course video views are important no matter what type or style of video you produce, but what’s most important when you’re actually trying to track your Video Engagement: Animated vs Talking Head Retention Stats can be skewed if you’re not careful, particularly if you’re not tracking the right approaches to video engagement for each style of video.

As we explore the differences in video engagement among the various types of videos, think about how finding the right approach can have key implications on the end result. For instance, if we’re taking video engagement for an animated video, you’re probably going to think of retention in terms of how much information your audience actually retains and how long your audience sticks around.

Likewise, if we’re tracking a talking head interview, you’re probably going to pay more attention to the actions that your audience may take following their engagement with the video and immediately following.  

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Tracking Video Engagement in Animated Videos

Tracking video engagement when you’re looking at animated videos is likely to look a lot different than it will in talking head videos. Before we examine Video Engagement: Animated vs Talking Head Retention Stats are less of a concern as the metrics that are most important to the purpose of our video.

The natural determination to track video views has several key pitfalls. Views are great, but they can be incredibly misleading if they’re the only metric that you’re tracking. Views don’t tell us much about your animated video engagement.

Instead of tracking video views, if you produce an animated video, you’re probably going to track things like:

-Viewer statistics to determine whether your video made it in front of your target audience.

-Video view length to determine when and where viewers drop off of your video so that you know whether they received your message.

-Leads and conversions that were achieved as a direct result of the video view. You’ll track these based on your CTA.

Certainly, when it comes to tracking Video Engagement: Animated vs Talking Head Retention Stats are going to be based on the above metrics as well as on many other individual statistics that represent that audience, their needs, and the content of the video itself.

Tracking Video Engagement in Talking Head Videos

If you’re going to track engagement in talking head videos, you’re almost certainly going to be measuring more than just views. Again, video views can be misleading for many different reasons. They don’t tell the “whole” truth about what your audience is thinking. For instance, you could have a talking head video with 10K video views, but if your video is aimed at increasing sales in your pipeline and you don’t get any conversions out of the process, those 10K views aren’t that great, are they?

Tracking video engagement in talking head videos, therefore, should focus on:

-Tracking comments on your video that show your audience was listening to what you say and is providing feedback for others.

-Tracking play rate to show that your viewers actually clicked “Play” on the video and, better yet, tracking the total view time.

-Tracking clicks or click through rate to determine how often people click your video or click links in your video.

-Tracking key conversions that apply to the CTAs included in your video such as sales, calls, leads or other call-to-action elements.

Tracking Video Retention in Animated Videos

With animated videos, you’re likely looking at a video that will be between about 0 and 120 seconds (1-2 minutes) so you can expect an average view rate of up to 34% of people watching the full video all the way to the 60 second point, and if the video is longer, expect only 22% of viewers to make it to the 120 second point.

Tracking Video Retention in Talking Head Videos

Talking head videos are almost always longer than animated video. These videos tend to have a lower overall retention rate because viewers tend to drop off a video as it goes on. So for a talking head video, you can expect retention stats to range between about 22% if it’s up to 2 minutes long, 13% if the video is up to 4 minutes long, and 8% if the video is up to 10 minutes. Sometimes, talking head videos that are significantly longer, such as those that run 20 minutes or more long, will have a retention rate of up to 18% but this content really needs to be targeting a warmed lead.

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When you think about tracking Video Engagement: Animated vs Talking Head Retention Stats, it’s really important to consider what conversions and tracking metrics are most important to your campaigns. The type of video, animated vs. talking head, really don’t matter near as much as the types of conversions and whether or not you’re achieving your conversions goals. Want to learn more? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!