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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Edmond

In times like these, with social distancing norms and restrictions, as well as travel expenses and illness, it can be difficult to have everyone come together for a service to remember a deceased loved one. This is when funeral live streaming services in Edmond could help you and your loved ones stay connected, despite distance between you. 

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Live streaming technology allows funeral homes the opportunity to provide a level of support for families who may be grieving while spread around the country. This way, your loved ones in remote locations can attend on their laptop or phone. Staying connected during times of grief is important for the healing process.


Live Streaming Funeral Services Connect Families

Families often end up in different cities in places, due to a myriad of circumstances. Jobs, marriage, travel and more are all reasons why you may use technology to stay in touch with your loved ones. Live streaming tech has been around for over 20 years but it’s a more recent addition to services in the funeral industry.


For some, the concept of streaming a funeral may seem inappropriate as we’re more accustomed to sporting events or concerts using this technology. The reality is that it’s beneficial for those who have lost loved ones to connect during the service and this technology makes this possible.


Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

With friends and family far apart, nothing provides such a reliable global reach like live streaming technology. Funeral live streaming services in Edmond allows family and friends to be connected during a time of grief, regardless of where everyone is located—as long as everyone has an internet connection. 


Benefits of Funeral Live Streaming

While live streaming a funeral may be a new idea to you, with 20% of funeral homes offering this service, it’s something to consider for a memorial service. These events can be streamed on private networks so that only family and friends are able to attend.


Funeral live streaming services in Edmond also provide these following benefits:


Planning a funeral as soon as possible could be needed in some circumstances, especially if your faith requires prompt burial of the deceased. Instead of waiting for traveling friends from distant locations, live streaming services can help you prepare for the service much more quickly.


– As you film a service, you’re able to save the footage. For grieving purposes, a saved memorial service can be helpful to look back on. It can also be beneficial for those who were unable to make it at all to the live service, due to scheduling issues.


– Through chat features, you can feel like you’re there with your family and friends, even if you’re far away.


– Attending a funeral is for those who are grieving to pay their respects. It’s an important phase of the grieving process so although you may be unable to get there in-person, consider attending via live stream.


– Some families aren’t ready to expose their children to grief. For these parents, the alternative of live stream memorial services allows them to be present while keeping the kids busy with other things.

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