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Here’s Why You Need a Google Marketing Video Now

Perhaps you’ve never thought of producing video to help with your Google rankings. Perhaps it’s something you recently heard was important? If producing a Google marketing video for your business is not something that’s at the top of your to-do list, it really should be. And we’re going to tell you why!


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We recently reviewed several studies that proved just how powerful Google marketing video content can be. In fact, of all businesses that use video marketing 62% state that they believe it is extremely effective and powerful for their brand.

Undoubtedly, Google marketing video production is vital to success online.

Here’s why:

#1. Google Videos Increase Conversions

Who doesn’t want more conversions and sales for their brand? Studies show that 74% of consumers who watch a video later visit the site to consider a purchase. Further, 85% agree that video leads to purchase.

#2. Video Increase ROI

Businesses that use video state that they have seen substantial increase in ROI following video inclusion on their websites.

Now, you might think that a Google marketing video is going to be costly — and if you hire a professional it will certainly have costs, but the ROI that comes from producing videos with Google marketing in mind is well worth the investment — trust us!

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#3. Increased Credibility and Trust

Want to boost the trust that consumers have in your brand? Google marketing videos have the power to ignite consumer credibility and trust in your brand. All you have to do is show the consumer how your content can be used to connect and prove to them that what you offer is true.

Videos do all of that! Promotional video content can be used to connect with your audience and generate a higher level of trust and credibility for your business and brand.

Marketing Video Studies

In fact, in recent studies 57% of consumers stated that they had more trust in a brand that provided video representation of their products and services online.

Need help creating a Google marketing video that will provide all of these great benefits for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!