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How much does a Nanjing camera crew cost?

In general, when hiring a Nanjing camera crew, the main factor to determine the cost will be the details of the project. Understanding what your project entails will make it easy for you to figure out whether you will need one camera operator, or more than two camera operators filming the footage of your event. Nanjing Camera crew pay rates are determined by the needs of your project. Other key elements that affects the cost of hiring a camera crew include location, video length, specialized services, necessary angles, and equipment.

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When hiring a Nanjing crew, you will be paying for the services of not only the cameraman, but also the director of photography, and other important operators who are highly skilled to tackle any kind of video productions.

If you have a project in neighboring cities such as Maanshan, Chuzhou, Zhenjiang, and Yangzhou,, you can get in touch with our team that is familiar with working in these cities. 

How much does it cost to film in Nanjing?

To get reliable answers to the question, “How much does it cost to film in Nanjing?” visit our local Nanjing film office to learn more about Nanjing China filming permits, application fees, and deadlines. 

We can help you find perfect venues that you can use to film in Nanjing. If you want more information on Nanjing camera crew cost, Team Beverly Boy is here to help. We can be your go-to team when it comes to filming in Nanjing.

Nanjing Camera Crew Rates

Keep in mind that different projects have different needs. Nanjing Camera department prices will be based on the type of video you want to create, which means that the gadgets required to shoot the event will also vary.

For example, you may want to capture aerial shots of your company using a drone, or you may take a b-roll filmed with a high-definition Sony camera that is fitted with state-of-the-art lenses.

These are two different scenarios which shows the use of two different equipment that may require distinct crew members to operate. The Nanjing Camera Crew Rates will also depend on the production time. Ideally, Nanjing Camera crews usually charge half-day and full-day rates. 

Video rates and pricing in Nanjing

Professional Camera Crew

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When you consider hiring a China camera crew, it is important to keep in mind that hiring a crew for half a day will cost more than half of their day rate. The reason this happens is because the crew has to compensate for the lost time due to not scheduling a second gig on the same day.

So, for any kind of event or project, it is best to hire a crew for an entire day. This will even give you more time to plan for a high-quality production for your next film project. By following all these, you will be able to generate the best video.

For specific video rates and pricing in Nanjing, give us a call and we will be able to help you. We also provide exceptional services to businesses in neighboring provinces like Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi. 

Nanjing camera crew Prices

To get Nanjing camera crew Prices, you have to be clear on the details of your project, because they will be the contributing factor when it comes to the type of equipment and camera gear your project will need.

Key Roles:

The type of equipment and the duration of use will also affect the rate of getting a camera crew to craft a quality video. For each project, you need a team of experts to handle the event. The director of photography, who is also referred to as the DP, is in charge of all departments.

Camera operators film the entire project using the required cameras, digital image technicians or DIT check the image quality to ensure high-quality images are produced consistently. Gaffers on the other hand are responsible for lighting the set and taking care of everything electrical. 

Grips provide set safety (crane operation, dollies, etc.), and swings assists both the camera and lighting departments. It is not easy to complete the process without either of these crew members.

Find below the averages of Nanjing camera crew pricing, such as cameramen hire costs. These rates reflect labor only and not gear, for the most accurate estimate for your project contact us for a free estimate:

Nanjing Production Crew Rates:

  • Director of Photography Day Rate: $1,095 to $2,595 
  • Gaffer/Key Grip Day Rate: $595 to $695
  • Camera Operator Day Rate: $345 to $595
  • Digital Image Technician Day Rate: $595 to $845
  • Swing Day Rate: $445 to $495
  • Grip/Electric Day Rate: $495 to $595
  • Sound Recordist Day Rate: $995-$1295

Hourly Rates for a Nanjing Camera Crew

BBP camera crew 1-10

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The ultimate amount you end up paying will be dependent on the idea you have in mind. Generally, hourly Rates for a Nanjing Camera Crew varies anywhere between $25/hour to $300/hour, based on the kind of service your project needs.

For a quality and successful product that has been produced on time and within budget, make sure you prepare a good budget that is inclusive of everything from crew members, to equipment type, to additional technicians.

Your project may require one cameraman doing the operations for half a day, or it would require two cameramen with distinct gadgets working a whole day. What your Nanjing camera crew uses will be based on the details of the project.

Consider Team Beverly Boy

When it comes to considering who to be included in the camera crew, the process can be overwhelming, but our crew can help you come up with the right number of people who need to be included in your project.

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Nanjing camera crew services 

For the best Nanjing camera crew services, contact Beverly Boy Productions today.

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Our professional video production crew is ready to help you craft the perfect video for your business. So, if you need to create an instructional course, or TV commercial, our HD camera crew can sort you out in no time.