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6 Benefits of Making the Boston Film Office Your Top Resource

Filmmakers in Boston turn to the Massachusetts Film Office for most of their filmmaking needs. Sometimes referred to as the Boston Film Office, the Massachusetts Film Office is a state agency that is dedicated to supporting film, television and commercial media production throughout Boston and the entire state of Massachusetts. Many great resources can be found when connecting with the film office, especially for those seeking information on permitting and various other Boston filmmaking needs. We have listed 6 benefits of making the Boston Film Office your top resource.

1. Local Resource Networking

Local resources are provided throughout the Boston Film Office website including a list of the Unions and Guilds that filmmakers are encouraged to connect with when filming in the city as well as various other networking guides.

Getting to know the city of Boston, through the film office, is an excellent starting point for filmmakers.


2. Permitting

The Massachusetts Film Office provides permit overviews for areas throughout the state that are owned or controlled by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts such as parks, roads, and various facilities.

In addition to the permitting information provided by the Film Office, additional permitting details for the City of Boston can be located on the City website where filmmakers can also apply for a local film permit online.


3. Location Scouting

The digital location directory provides information on more than just the city of Boston, filmmakers can find details on film locations in 351 cities throughout Massachusetts.

The location library changes continuously as new locations and opportunities are added so it’s important for filmmakers to check back often for new film locations in Boston and ideas.


4. Area Incentives

Many different local incentives exist to drive filmmakers to Boston. The Boston Film Office provides details on local tax credits and breaks that may be available for your film production.

Additionally, the Massachusetts Film Office includes information on local legislation regarding filmmaking in Boston as well as agreed-upon procedures and other important area incentives and resources.


5. COVID-19 Updates

For up to date details on COVID-19 filming regulations and guidelines, the Boston Film Office is the top resource for filmmakers. Find out whether there are area restrictions in place, what requirements are in place for filmmakers, and what steps you’ll have to take if you intend to produce in the city before you arrive that way you can be prepared.


6. Safety & Community Supports

The Boston Film Office works in conjunction with local Fire Safety and Police Services to ensure filmmaking in the community is a safe and hazard free event. For information on safe filmmaking and the support that can be provided by local community programs and officials, contact the area film office or the local film permitting office for information.