23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Peoria

Discovering a local videographer in Peoria might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Why? Because Peoria is teeming with venues to locate top-tier videographers. When you dive into the search, the sheer number of choices might surprise you. Whether your intent is to collaborate with a Peoria videographer for a single project or establish a lasting partnership, this roundup of local Peoria videographer sources will prove invaluable. This list spotlights seasoned videographers who are prepared to offer their expertise across Peoria, Illinois.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Peoria?

Securing a local videographer in Illinois who excels in crafting captivating marketing videos, producing customer testimonials, creating tutorials, or covering documentaries and live events hinges on knowing where to start your search. An adept Peoria videographer brings to the table a combination of equipment, skill, professionalism, and dedication. Engaging with such a professional gives you the assurance of top-notch results. Nonetheless, pinpointing a videographer equipped with the essential tools, resources, and expertise to realize your vision can be a challenge.

If you’re on the hunt for an ENG or EFP crew in 61525, need a camera operator to show you the highlights of Peoria County, or are planning a multi-day shoot for a live event in the heart of the city, you absolutely need to know the best places to look. We’ve curated this extensive list of venues to discover local videographers in Peoria to streamline your search process. Dive into the top 23 places to find your Peoria, Illinois videographer:

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Topping our list, and for good reason, is Beverly Boy Productions. Rooted in years of industry experience, Team Beverly Boy stands out as your go-to partner for video production. Our videographers have been trained to get it right from the outset, ensuring you face minimal uncertainties when hiring a Peoria videographer. With a rich history in video production and associated services, our Peoria-based teams are intimately familiar with the city’s every nook and cranny, poised to manage comprehensive projects. Connect with our producer today, and we’ll pair you with the ideal videographer for your needs.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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2. Reddit for Hire

With Reddit, you gain access to a vast platform that facilitates not only the discovery of your dream Peoria videographer but also keeps you updated with the latest news and fosters community engagement. They feature a dedicated thread for professionals on the job hunt. Your quest for Peoria videographers is made easier here. Initiate a conversation about your project, await responses, and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect videographer for your endeavor. Boasting a user base of 52 million, you’re likely to find a local videographer in no time.


When in search of a Peoria videographer available for hourly work, PeoplePerHour emerges as one of the top contenders. This platform bridges the gap between freelancers across various domains. To enlist a videographer, simply post your requirement and await bids. From the proposals received, select a Peoria freelancer whose skills align with your videography needs.

4. Facebook

Tapping into a global user base of 2.8 billion, Facebook is a prime starting point when you’re on the lookout for a video crew in Peoria. As a social network, it interconnects users from all corners of the globe, some of whom are professionals in diverse specializations. For videography services, it offers an efficient platform to kickstart your freelancer search. Navigate with ease to locate Peorial videographers. Given its vast user base and daily ad postings, Facebook not only aids your search but also facilitates networking with other video production aficionados.

5. Personal Recommendations

Leveraging personal referrals is a time-tested method to secure any service, videography included. If you’re trying to track down local videographers near your vicinity, consider tapping into the knowledge of friends, family, colleagues, or any acquaintance you believe might possess insights on a skilled videographer. The pronounced advantage of referrals is the assurance they offer. The individuals you converse with can guide you not just to a suitable videographer but also offer advice on selection, sparing you the effort and time typically associated with independent searching and vetting.

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6. was established with the goal of bridging the gap between business owners and media professionals, offering a list of videographers in Peoria. If you’re seeking a videographer in Peoria, you can find one at This site showcases professionals from across Canada and the United States, making your quest to find a local expert easier. The site’s popularity is largely attributed to its niche focus, highlighting exclusively video production experts.

7. serves a global audience. Conceived with the aim of linking proficient videographers with those in need of their video production prowess, it’s the go-to place if you’re scouting for a videographer in Peoria. Engage with a vast community of industry stalwarts, including videographers, actors, and other video production aficionados. Locating a maestro for your video needs won’t be a hurdle here.

8. Peoria Chamber of Commerce

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is a reliable hub for spotting certified videographers and other service providers. By reaching out to the Peoria chamber, you can glean information about local videographers. They boast a comprehensive list of businesses, ensuring you land the perfect fit.

9. Upwork 

Upwork is the junction where freelancers and clients come together. From videography and content creation to web design and digital marketing, Upwork covers it all. With its vast user base, chances of you finding a Peoria videographer are high. Most projects on Upwork follow an hourly payment structure. Thus, you can set your budget and await bids or directly choose from freelancers advertising their expertise.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist extends its services across various cities. For those on the lookout for videographers in Peoria, simply head to the Peoria section, post your requirements, and a professional videographer will respond. Directly connecting with freelancers is also feasible. Offering its services free of charge, Craigslist’s reputation is unparalleled in the US and globally.

11. LinkedIn

Renowned for showcasing professionals from diverse sectors, LinkedIn is your best bet if you’re trying to lock in a Peoria videographer. Connect, engage, and finalize the videographer that resonates with your filmmaking project. Beyond hiring, LinkedIn also fosters community building and networking.

12. Instagram

Instagram is a canvas where professionals exhibit their prowess. This visual platform allows you to review a videographer’s work before committing. To locate the best in Peoria, employ hashtags such as #Peoriavideographer, #setlife, and #Peoriacameracrew. This will populate a list of videography specialists in Peoria, set against the backdrop of Instagram’s vast global user base.

13. Gigsalad 

Event planning gets simplified with Gigsalad. From videography to an array of other services, Gigsalad has got you covered. For those in Peoria seeking a local videographer, this platform will speed up your search. With numerous professionals versed in diverse facets of video production, Gigsalad promises quality.


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Operating on a model akin to People Per Hour and Upwork, lets clients list their tasks and wait for freelancers to pitch. Alternatively, direct searches for service providers are possible. This platform encompasses services ranging from videography and editing to graphics and special effects. With its global reach and inception in 2009, is a tried-and-tested solution.


Another wonderful platform for hiring Peoria videographers is Access to the website is absolutely free, ensuring you won’t spend a dime to navigate its features. offers a connection between specialists and those in need of their expertise. If professional videography services in Peoria are what you’re after, this site is worth your attention. Its localized search feature is ideal for pinpointing videographers right in Peoria.

16. BNI Business Network International

BNI Business Network International operates on a global scale, linking individuals across more than 70 countries. Originating in the U.S., BNI is a franchise-based networking group with a presence in numerous regions. Looking for a Local Videographer in Peoria? Just key in your location on their platform and you’ll receive a curated list of certified videographers to choose from.

17. The Knot 

A top-tier resource for wedding preparations, The Knot is also your go-to for sourcing event videographers in Peoria. The platform simplifies the process of locating the right professional for your needs. With videographers who come equipped with both the skill and gear to deliver exceptional results, The Knot ensures both local and wider-reaching needs are met.

18. Wedding Wire 

Another dedicated hub for wedding preparations, Wedding Wire boasts videographers adept at covering various types of events. The professionals here are proficient in every facet of video production, promising stellar recordings and production irrespective of the event’s location.


For an array of events ranging from weddings to corporate functions, is home to expert videographers. The platform is designed for ease of use and flexibility. You can post your project at no cost and have videographers bid on it, making it a top destination for those in Peoria seeking proficient videographers.

20. LocalGrapher

When in Peoria and in need of a skilled videographer, look no further than Local Grapher. The platform showcases the crème de la crème of Peoria’s photographers, videographers, and cinematographers. Professionals here are equipped with a diverse skill set ensuring impeccable execution of your projects. And if you’re located elsewhere? They have a presence in over 800 global locations.

21. stands out as it amalgamates listings for both videographers and event organizers, making it a holistic platform for event needs. Featuring a selection of Peoria videographers among other event professionals, users can also peruse videographer rates and reviews and even search for potential filming venues. Be it a wedding, a corporate meeting, or any large or small-scale event, is a prime starting point in Peoria.

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Boasting over 250,000 professionals, is a premier destination for videography services in Illinois. With a whopping 25 million users, this platform is unrivaled. Services here range from video shooting to editing. Most professionals have hourly rates, so project duration will determine costs. Before embarking on discussions with a prospective videographer, acquaint yourself with their hourly rates, track record on the platform, and specific skill sets.


Crafted exclusively for media professionals, boasts a registry of over 161k media experts and more than 100,000 media establishments. With such extensive listings, your search is bound to be fruitful. While locating a Local Videographer in Peoria is a primary feature, the platform also offers updates on industry news and trends.

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