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Top 5 West Virginia film schools for filmmakers to consider

West Virginia has a happening film industry. There are several new or upcoming filmmakers waiting to get their feet wet in the industry. If you’re looking for large or small West Virginia film schools, keep reading to find the best fit for you. West Virginia filmmakers receive hands on training to help them get started in their career in the West Virginia industry. These schools offer programs that range from very hands on to more traditional film programs so every student can find the right fit for their learning style. 

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As an active part of the West Virginia video production community, we know the journey to your career may bring challenges. Fortunately, these schools are great at providing a foundation for your career in West Virginia film production, photography, media, directing, or visual arts. Studying the main aspects of filming, editing and production can make it easier for students to find career paths with major film companiesnews studios, and advertising agencies or as they pursue self-employment.”

1. Marshall University

Get an interdisciplinary degree from Marshall University and you’ll be set to work in a variety of careers, if you’re not entirely sure which field you want to get into just yet. Your Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marshall University will get you on the right path to success, providing you with a program built around all the main principles of filmmaking. The hands-on experience you get from the Video Production program from Marshall, one of the best West Virginia film schools will make it possible for you to succeed in your future career. 

Phone: 304-696-3160


1 John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV 25755

2. West Liberty University 

Journalism and Communication Studies allow you to get a broadcasting major if you’re looking to work in television or radio. With a Bachelor of Science communication from West Liberty, you’ll receive an immersive education on everything from communication theory, cinema, and documentary film to hands-on experience learning the technical aspects and skills needed for your future career. The school also offers an internship program that can help you gain working knowledge for a successful career in the industry. 

Phone: 304-336-8006


208 University Dr.

West Liberty, WV 26074

3. Concord University 

With a degree from one of the top West Virginia film schools, life post-education will be easier. Why? With a major in Multimedia Communication, you’ll be positioning yourself for success in the local film and television industry, as you learn the ins and outs of technical aspects, as well as analysis of cultural, historical, and theoretical parts of media and film. Whether you want to work in TV or radio, this program offers all the core components to help you get there. 

Phone: 888-384-5249


Vermillion Street

Athens, WV 24712

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4. West Virginia University

Film and video editing is a career that offers a decent yearly salary that can reach above $60,000, making it an appealing option. How does one achieve this? At WVU, you can pursue majors and minors designed for anything from media to journalism. You’ll get the type of immersive learning experience needed for this type of career at WVU. 

Phone: 304-293-0111


West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV 26506

5. Bethany College

With a major and minor in Communications and Media Arts, students who study at Bethany College will be learning from the best, with professionals leading the way with their years of hands-on expertise. As one of the top West Virginia film schools, you’ll be able to effectively develop the skills needed for your career as a Media professional. Many former students have gone on to work in the industry at some of the largest companies in the region. 

Phone: 304-829-7000


31 E Campus Dr

Bethany, WV 26032

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