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How to Hire a Video Crew in Washington DC

The idea that a brand or an individual prepares a budget for a video project and trusts a film crew to develop the agreed product can be intimidating to a new crew. If you want to increase your chances of designing the best product that is in line with your objectives, hire a video crew in Washington DC that can guarantee a fantastic video production which will translate to the delivery of a powerful, and high-quality video. An ideal crew will use the latest industry-standard 4K or 1080p video gear to cover your project. 

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We also service clients in nearby cities like Alexandria (Virginia), Frederick (Maryland), Silver Spring (Maryland), and Gaithersburg (Maryland). 

Booking Washington video crews

Video Production Jobs in Washington DC

When considering booking Washington video crews, check out the quality productions of Team Beverly Boy, that is if you have not seen our work yet. We are the cavalry you call when you have a complex message that needs to be simplified through an interesting video. Your Washington video crew search doesn’t have to go too far once you discuss your project details with us. 

We also service brands in Montgomery County, Prince George’s, Frederick, and Charles counties. 

Washington DC Video Crews for Hire

First, discuss with your team why you need to develop a video. Then determine the type of Washington video production team you need, the requirements of your project, and settle on a video budget range—come to an understanding with your team about these points before contacting a Washington video production team.

Next, once you have a crystalized idea, submit the project brief on our contact form and then we will get back to you shortly. If you’d rather speak with one of our talented producers, give us a shout. We are more than ready to listen to set up a meeting for you. 

Lastly, the finest video crew will be tasked to execute your production. It does not matter if you want the latest video crew rates for ENG/EFP crews in Washington, or a freelance video crew in D.C., we have your back. 

Top Washington video crew services 

  • Webcasting and Live Streaming
  • Branded video content
  • BTS & EPK’s
  • Interviews and B-Roll
  • Event coverage and Focus groups
  • Sizzle reel production
  • Training videos and panel discussions
  • Testimonials and documentaries

The go-to team for video crew services.  

Beverly Boy covid safe crew

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Beverly Boy is the go-to team for video crew services. We specialize in all aspects of production from pre-production to post production. Our team is also experienced in producing a wide range of video projects, from interviews and commercials, to live streaming and corporate videos

Industry Standard 4k

When hiring your video crew in Washington DC, your crews should be able to match your budget with the quality of production. Expect the crew to film using a full-frame camera, and not a smartphone.  

With Team Beverly Boy, our award-winning Washington video crews will cover your project using industry-standard 4K or 1080p video gear. Some of the filming equipment we use on a regular range from the Canon C300, to the Black magic, Sony FS7, RED, ARRI Alexa, and others.

Freelance Washington DC Video Crew

Washington crew with experience is tried and tested. With nearly 2 decades and 20,000+ projects under our belt, our professional Washington DC video crews understand what is expected in a production. So, whatever project you have in store, we can provide unmatched creative suggestions and solutions. 

We service the following zip codes, 20001, 20018, 20029, 20080, 20436, and others. 

We offer full service Washington video production services, from location scouting, to getting local film permits. Whether you need a 3-man video crew at Smithsonian Institution Offices, or a film crew to video a business meeting on 14th St NW, we can make it happen. 

The Questions for Video Production Crews in Washington DC

As you create a checklist of the expectations you have for your Washington DC video crews, remember the following points: 

  • Is the crew fully insured?
  • Is the crew equipped with the latest camera gear available?
  • Do the crew members align with my project’s values?
  • Are the crew members offering great client support and are they collaborative with each other? 
  • Does this crew member have experience in their position?

Video crew finder!

beverly boy covid safe production

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Need a video crew finder? Be careful when you consider working with cheap or inexpensive video crews, you never know what quality of video you will get. Work with a top video production crew that understands the value of your investment, and they will deliver beyond your wildest desires. To hire the best video crew in Washington DC, turn to Beverly Boy Productions, your friendly video productions company.