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Funeral Live Streaming Services in Spokane

Getting everyone together for a funeral can be challenging. Scheduling conflicts, health concerns, and more can keep your loved ones from attending the service, no matter how badly they want to. This is how funeral live streaming services in Spokane can help.

Live streaming technology makes it possible for funeral homes to provide peace to grieving families. It makes it easy for those in remote locations to be part of the funeral via smartphone or tablet. Attending a funeral is an important part of healing from loss, so this is an important option to consider when planning a memorial.

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Live Streaming Keeps Families Connected

New jobs, travel costs, and growing families can all separate us from our families, but technology keeps us together. A funeral service is not a great time, but knowing that you can be connected with those you love can bring you peace, and live streaming does that. This technology has existed for almost 20 years, but the funeral industry is just now using it more since the pandemic.

Live streaming a memorial may feel unseemly. We can easily watch events and concerts through live streaming, but using technology for a serious event is harder to do. Truthfully, this can bring some peace to your loved ones who can’t attend the service in person. Technology keeps you connected as you go through the grieving process.


Worldwide Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

When you cannot attend a memorial because you are too ill or facing travel issues, you can send well-wishes, cards, and flowers, but live streaming allows you to be there without having to be there in person. Funeral live streaming services in Spokane help funeral homes keep families connected during this challenging time for them.


Helpful Aspects of Funeral Live Streaming

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Live streaming a funeral may feel out of place, but roughly a quarter of funeral homes now provide funeral live streaming services. We aren’t talking about live streaming this event to the world- live streaming can be done over a closed network where you stream to family and friends who cannot be there due to scheduling problems, travel costs, or unexpected illness.


Funeral live streaming services in Spokane make it easier in these ways:


– Being able to quickly plan a funeral can be a relief for those who have religious beliefs that require them to bury their family member as soon as possible. Live streaming takes away the need to wait for loved ones to arrive so that things can be planned faster.


– When you film and record the service, this allows those who are present at the funeral to go back and watch any special moments they may have missed due to tears, which can bring them some comfort. It also allows those who weren’t present the chance to see the service.


– Those attending remotely can stay in touch with those who are at the service and with others attending remotely, which can keep families connected, even if they cannot be close to each other.


– Being a part of the funeral service allows for proper grieving. Saying goodbye at a funeral helps as people navigate the various stages of grief.


– Some parents don’t want their children exposed to grief or funerals at a young age, which is when live streaming can help them say goodbye to their friend or family member without having to help their children through the experience, too.


Live streaming a funeral is probably not something that you want to talk about. If you need to talk about funeral planning, though, you should be prepared. Knowing that your family can be at the service, even if you are all across the globe, can be helpful.


At Beverly Boy Productions, we will provide discretion and reliable services that allow your loved ones to come together during this challenging time via funeral live streaming services in Spokane. It can be difficult to get everyone together to say their goodbyes, so we make it easier. If you need support during this challenging time, we can help with your live streaming needs. Call us today!