What is Digital Video Production?

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What is Digital Video Production?

Digital video production represents the creation of digital video content from the pre-production planning of storyline and shots to the filming and editing of footage for distribution either on television or online.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video represents millions of words potentially strung together. Digital videos are incredibly popular and make up more than 70% of internet search traffic online. Digital video production represents the planning, shooting, and editing of digital video for online use or television programming and includes a variety of techniques.

Creating digital video content, from pre-production planning of a storyline and the appropriate shots to the filming and editing of footage for distribution requires a strong understanding of camera operation, lighting, sound, and post-production editing, all of which are essential to digital video production.

What is Digital Video Production?

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Digital video production includes a variety of techniques that are used in conjunction with the creation of digital video content.

Digital filmmaking may include things like working with cameras to produce the intended footage and b-roll, using appropriate lighting and sound engineering to create the desired visual and audible elements of the scene, or post-production editing and the use of graphics software to create visual effects and other elements that are incorporated into live-motion films and animations.

Committed to Memory

The digital video production process begins with the capture of digital film using a digital camera or camcorder. Unlike film stock, digital images are captured and stored on a memory card, diskette, or CD.

Today, most digital images are stored on memory cards which represent small, handheld diskettes that are capable of holding tens of thousands of still images or potentially several hours of footage on each card.

Digital Video Production Processes

Digital video production includes various processes and techniques that are used in the creation of digital videos or films. The most simplistic representation of digital video production refers to the use of digital cameras to produce footage that is later edited and distributed either on television or online.

However, digital video production can also include the use of digital aspects such as computer generated imagery (CGI) to create characters, environments, and entire worlds that are used in videos and films.

Where filmmaking once involved the use of celluloid film that was printed on when shots were captured, today’s digital video production involves the use of digital cameras and digital storage devices that capture footage and store or otherwise protect it for later use.

More Efficient than Before

The use of digital film also makes the addition of special effects and post-production editing more efficient than it was with traditional, celluloid film.

Digital video production processes that include post-production special effects and graphics can be achieved via a computer and with the support of various types of software and computer programs that make the process more efficient and simplified overall.

Digital video production processes include the capturing of digital footage on a digital camera as well as the post-production editing of footage with the support of a computer and specialized software which is used to produce special effects, graphics, and various other needs.

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