What is a Video Production Company

What is a Video Production Company? 

What is a video production company? How do I hire a production company? These are a couple of the many questions brands and businesses ask when trying to maximize their marketing options. You’ve decided you want to get on the bandwagon and start producing videos as part of your marketing mix. You’ve been told to hire a video production company because they will be able to deliver the best quality video content for your budget.

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But what is a video production company and what makes hiring a professional video production company any different than hiring a freelancer? Follow along as we outline the primary benefits of hiring a video production company versus a freelance videographer.

Difference Between a Video Production Company & a Freelance Videographer 

The first real step in understanding what makes a video production company any different than a freelance videographer is to get a full idea of what each is.


A Freelance Videographer: films events, usually live, and delivers a single footage file at the end. Wedding videographers, corporate event videographers and dance recital videographers fall in this category. 

A Video Production Company: creates videos from scratch. They come up with the concept, story line, creatives, and footage. They can create animations, movies, full length films, or short clips and are only limited by budget and imagination. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Video Production Company 

So why should you hire a video production company rather than a freelance videographer? The biggest reason to hire a video production company is because they can provide a distinct level of creative involvement and professionalism that a freelance videographer simply cannot offer.

Video production companies come with a crew of professionals on their side to help your project come to life. If you’re looking to create video content, rather than just video tape something that is happening around your home or office, then you need to hire a video production company and not a freelance videographer. 

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Hiring a production company comes with the following benefits: 

-Ability to produce complex projects with creative energy. 

-Script writing and ability to plan plots and engaging stories

-Impressive animation and graphics skills with editors that finalize footage. 

-Narration and voiceovers that make content interesting and engaging. 

-A studio environment that delivers professional quality sound, lighting and views. 

A video production company lives and dreams about video production. Their goal is to produce top quality video content for clients large and small.

Unlike a videographer that may not be very creative and certainly doesn’t have multiple human resources such as camera crews, script writers, editors, graphic artists and designers on their side, a video production company typically has the entire crew ready and waiting to actively work on your project. 

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Work with the Best Video Production Company 

When thinking of the question, what is a video production company? You really open the door for research for some of the top professionals of the production world. Want to work with the best video production company around?

Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808. Our team is ready to get started on your project. We can’t wait to show you the difference that comes from hiring a professional video production company to take your creative work to the next level.

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