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Video Production for Window Cleaning Services

Expert window cleaning companies which provide both residential & commercial window cleaning & window washing services are part of a very large industry that is valued at something around $5.1 billion dollars and expected to continue to grow moderately over the next several years. The increased number of high-rise buildings, an increase in the number of automated cleaning systems or robotic systems that can clean & wash windows even under potentially dangerous scenarios are considered some of the key factors in continued expansion of the window cleaning industry. For commercial window washers that are interested in building up clientele, Video Production for Window Cleaning Services represents an essential marketing & advertising task that cannot be overlooked.

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COVID-19 did result in some declines for the commercial window cleaning industry, but not so much for residential exterior window cleaning where social distancing was still possible and more consumers were at home performing projects and repairs around the house. Demand for professional window cleaning services tends to closely follow the real estate industry, with a rise in demand occurring alongside growth in property sales and a general fall occurring as property sales slowdown.

Beverly Boy Productions offers many expert services in video production for window cleaning providers both in the commercial window cleaning industry and in the residential window washing industry. Our promotional videos, video marketing & advertising, video training programs, and expert interviews are all part of the combined services we provide to help you grow your window cleaning business, increase audience reach, build credibility for your business, and generate contract commitments & sales.

Promotional Videos for Window Cleaning Services

Promotional Video Production for Window Cleaning Services, focuses on driving consistent sales or contract delivery for window cleaners looking to expand their business operations & keep their employees actively engaged in day-to-day window washing responsibilities. Short, engaging promotional videos are often used to promote the services provided by a commercial window cleaner or residential window washing company.

They may also:

Studies have found that 68% of consumers prefer to learn about new products & services online by watching video rather than any other format of content provided, and 64% of consumers actually make a purchase after seeing branded video content online.

Marketing Videos for Window Cleaning Services

According to recent studies, consumers are spending upwards of 100 minutes each day engaging in video content online. 86% of those consumers would like to see more video from businesses and brands that they already follow or have some interest in. If your window washing business isn’t delivering video content to your target audience online, you’re potentially missing out on the nearly 90% of consumers that are interested in seeing video content from the businesses and brands they have interest in! Can you really afford that?

Marketing Video Production for Window Cleaning Services can boost consumer confidence in the business, improve b2b conversions, drive up revenue & ROI, generate leads, and increase sales. It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, when you’re marketing your window cleaning business online, you’ve got to be using video!

Share marketing videos on social media, your website, your landing pages, in your email campaigns, and literally everywhere you anticipate or know that your target audience is going to be. The opportunities to build your business, grow your brand, and increase ROI through the generation of window cleaning contracts for your business are nearly endless.

Training Videos for Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning windows can be a potentially hazardous task and you need your employees to be very safe. Training is vital to ensuring employee safety but there’s so much more involved.

Training videos can:

  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Increase your employee engagement with learning concepts.
  • Improve employee knowledge resulting in a higher overall level of knowledge retention over written training manuals.
  • Reduce training costs without reducing total training concepts or knowledge.

Video based training programs are easily accessible, flexible, and fun to learn with promoting path-based learning activities that are ideal for virtually any and all needs. That’s why your window cleaning business should consider training videos for its onboarding, safety training, new hire training, and any other important training needs.

Interview Videos for Window Cleaning Services

Increasing visibility for your window cleaning business is important, but increasing credibility, authority & trust will seal the deal. The steps you take to ensure your target audience feels comfortable and confident in the window cleaning services that you provide can improve operations for your business & increase your leads resulting in significantly higher close rate for your sales team over traditional campaigns.


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Expert interview Video Production for Window Cleaning Services allows you to share the niche experience that your team brings to the table and to prove your expertise in a way that will make your target audience more confident & trusting in what you have to offer. This is important because generating audience trust is a key underlying factor that leads to their commitment to becoming paid clients or customers of your window washing business. Ask Team Beverly Boy how you can improve consumer confidence in your business, boost your sales & drive up revenue for your window washing brand – we can’t wait to help you get started!