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Video Production for the Carpet Mill Industry 

The carpet mill industry generates over $9 billion and has over 25,000 employees. With the anticipated post-COVID 19 economy rebound, those numbers can increase for carpet mills. That said, a top-quality marketing campaign is crucial for positioning yourself to succeed among your competition. Compared to other forms of advertisement, Video Production for the Carpet Mill Industry is something to consider for the 200+ carpet milling businesses across the U.S.



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There are many reasons why video production is an effective marketing strategy for carpet mills. With it, you bring in brand new customers while retaining your current ones. We work with carpet mills at Beverly Boy Productions to create compelling promotional videos, top-quality interview videos, and customer testimonials. Our team shares your business’s products and services and the impact you have on your customers’ homes. As a result, this engages your audience and allows you to reach your marketing and internal communication goals.

Promotional Videos for the Carpet Mill Industry

Showing the world your carpets is critical in obtaining new clients. Promotional Video Production for the Carpet Mill Industry allows you to share your business with potential customers while maintaining your current ones. Prospective customers see your décor in an engaging video; it captures their attention. At that moment, they recognize your business and will likely return as a paying customer. 


Short and engaging videos for carpet mills can keep the customers coming. They’re effective in T.V. advertising, but they’re incredibly effective across online platforms such as your own business website, social media pages, and email campaigns. Did you know that the average Internet user spends around two and a half hours on social media daily? That’s even more of a reason to utilize online video marketing. Short, promotional videos are a great way to engage viewers, increase your number of customers, and share your carpets across your social media outlets.

Marketing Videos for the Carpet Mill Industry

When over 82% of the Internet consists of video content, it really puts in perspective how effective video marketing is. Video Production for the Carpet Mill Industry Industry is a phenomenal opportunity you can utilize in your business.

Videos are a marketing tool unlike any other. Whether you want to show off your woven rugs or roll carpets, they can truly bring your products to life.

Consider the following benefits of video marketing: 

  • Spreading the word about their business, brand, products, or services
  • Establishing the business as an authority in the carpet mill industry
  • Increasing brand authenticity, building trust and credibility with clients
  • Influencing buying decisions (90% of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, according to Forbes)

This type of marketing offers a one-of-a-kind way to connect with your targeted audience, establish your authority as a business, and share your carpets and rugs across the world wide web. 

Training Videos for the Carpet Mill Industry

Saving time and money is one thing all businesses want to do. At the same time, all companies want to train their employees efficiently. From sales representatives to stockers, you want all facets of your business to run like a well-oiled machine. Personalized training videos remove the issues that come with traditional in-person training. They give business owners and team leaders more time and money, all while learning outcomes improve for their carpet and rug professionals.


Also, training videos:

  • Have a higher overall employee watch rate; employees are 75% more likely to engage in video training than they would with manual training
  • Have greater flexibility; an estimated 42% of employees prefer the flexibility of video over other forms of communication and training such as scheduled in-person training or written manuals
  • Have a higher retention rate; people recall upwards of 90% of what they see in a video compared to about 20% of what they read
  • Will make employee training more effective while reducing training costs; each video can be used over and over again, and improved comprehension makes videos 83% more effective

Videos are an easy and accessible way to engage your carpet and rug professionals while keeping training uniform throughout your business. 

Interview Videos for the Carpet Mill Industry

You may think of the job application process when you hear interview videos. However, interview videos for the carpet mill industry include videos such as expert interviews and customer interviews that can benefit your business. Expert interview videos for carpet mills are videos that feature your business’s leadership, like your lead designers and directors. Customer interviews are a different kind of interview video that share what current customers have to say about your business and its products.

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Expert and customer interviews build your business’s credibility and trust within your community. One shares the perspective of designers and leaders in the industry to help future customers better understand the product or service they’re receiving, while the other shares experiences they’ll have as potential customers. Ultimately, they both feature insight that will drive them toward your business and help you stand out among your competition. Video Production for the Carpet Mill Industry is an incredible tool that you can use to meet your marketing and internal communication goals.