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Video Production for Discount Department Stores

Discount department stores like TJ Max, Ross Stores & event Walmart are part of a massive $98 billion dollar industry that sells a wide range of products such as clothing & shoes, housewares, and cosmetics at deeply discounted prices. These retailers feature a central checkout location where customers can purchase the wide range of products offered inside the department store generally with the satisfaction of having found a “good deal.” Video Production for Discount Department Stores typically focuses on store branding, the display of discounted pricing & sales promotions, and on training that can help these stores achieve their sales revenue goals.

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While most discount department stores will not offer ecommerce style shopping experiences, they can achieve additional advantages in their brick and mortar location store sales by featuring their businesses online with video content. Utilizing similar marketing & advertising concepts that an ecommerce brand may employ, discount department stores can reach a wider audience of interested consumers with their deals & sales by promoting their products online. Beverly Boy Productions provides expert video production services that are tailored to the unique needs of discount department stores to assist in the growth of consumer awareness, audience interest, and sales revenue for these growing brands. From the production of generalized marketing videos to highly focused promotional videos that feature in-store products & deep discounts or sales, we’ll help you create customized video content that is just right for your department store to achieve its revenue & sales goals.

Promotional Videos for Discount Department Stores

Promotional videos are an integral aspect of marketing & advertising for department stores whether they provide discounted products or not. In fact promotional Video Production for Discount Department Stores can improve audience awareness of discounts and store sales, boost consumer confidence & trust in product quality, and generate increased in-store traffic that will ultimately lead to higher revenue from sales.

When compared to other forms of media such as written ads or static image posts, video has the capacity to boost social shares up to 1200% and can drive significantly higher revenue through conversions compared to any other media option available.

Marketing Videos for Discount Department Stores

Video is quickly becoming one of the most fundamental means of connecting brick and mortar stores & brands with the consumer, and it’s absolutely vital to retail marketing such as is common for discount department stores. Recent studies found that 79% of consumer audiences actually prefer to learn about a product via video rather than a written ad. Further studies found that today’s consumer audiences spend upwards of 100 minutes per day, or the equivalent of 16 hours per week, engaging in digital video online.

Discount department stores that choose to incorporate marketing videos into their campaigns can achieve significantly higher audience reach, greater audience satisfaction, and increased hype around their campaigns.

In fact, marketing Video Production for Discount Department Stores will:

  • Increase landing page conversions up to 80% or more.
  • Improve organic rankings and increase website traffic up to 157% or more.
  • Increase customer engagement & entice customers to spread the word about a sale or store.
  • Boost email click through rates by 200-300% or more.

With online consumption of video content increasing across all age groups over the past several years, there is no better form of marketing media than video!

Training Videos for Discount Department Stores

Training videos are an integral element of any discount department store’s onboarding and team training processes. Not only are training videos used by most retailers of this capacity to teach & train new employees, they’re often used to bring existing employees up to speed on new tasks, roles or responsibilities. Discount department stores find training videos to be especially helpful in the fact that they provide consistency in training that can be delivered across multiple store locations, multiple departments, or even remotely across various geographic regions.

Training Video Production for Discount Department Stores will:

  • Reduce total training costs.
  • Improve training outcomes.
  • Increase training knowledge and understanding.
  • Drive complex concepts deeper into employee decision making.
  • Ensure the consistency and accuracy of training across stores.

Whether you’re training a few new employees or an entire team, video training is going to save time & money. In fact, the long-term savings with video based training programs for retail environments like discount department stores can be absolutely incredible in terms of time & overall cost reduction.

Interview Videos for Discount Department Stores

As a discount department store, building audience trust in your products and the day-to-day offering of discounts that you provide is essential not only to get people through the doors, but to encourage them to keep coming back and to entice them to spend their money at your store rather than with another retailer

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Expert interview Video Production for Discount Department Stores can provide a seamless connection between your key leaders & important decision makers and your audience, showcasing the experience & expertise that makes your department store so valuable to the consumer audience. Ask Team Beverly Boy about the different ways that you can use interview videos to share your experience, stories, and commitment with your audience to boost their confidence and increase the level of trust they have in your store. This, and various other forms of video, will help you to achieve growth & sales for your brand!