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Surges in overall healthcare coverage paired with a rise in employment has largely resulted in boosts to the dermatologist industry. As more providers operate in group or multispecialty practices, dermatologists that are part of sole practices will likely require some repositioning or adjusting in order to stay ahead of rising overhead expenses associated with the implementation of new technology including telehealth services and EMR (electronic medical record) systems. Video Production for Dermatologists can improve provider positioning, boost audience awareness, & generate new patient leads and conversions that will bring in additional revenue for private practices, public providers, and those running solo practice offices, too.

The dermatology industry is a niche-specific healthcare industry that consists of about 6K business owners which represent an $8 billion dollar market. They provide a range of diagnostic healthcare services and treatments for diseases or conditions of the skin, scalp, hair, cuticles, and nails. Many dermatologists also provide cosmetic services including Botox injections, incisional biopsies, skin treatments & non-surgical care.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we offer a wide range of professional video production services that can assist you in building up audience awareness for your dermatology business and generating increased revenue through video marketing and advertising that promotes your brand. Growing your practice with professional video is essential to staying ahead of the competitive market both online and offline, too. That’s why we offer promotional video production, marketing video production, and the production of expert interview videos and video-based training that is ideal for taking your practice to the next level.

Promotional Videos for Dermatologists

Custom branded Video Production for Dermatologists practice can help you to create a voice that consumers recognize and trust relative to your brand. Promotional videos can help you generate up to 66% more qualified leads to your practice each year, and including a video on your landing page can further boost your overall conversion rates by as much as 80% or more compared to non-video based media inclusion.


Not only are aesthetic and expert quality videos vital to the growth of your dermatology practice, but promotional videos can:

– Build trustworthiness and credibility.
– Drive consumer interest in your specialty services.
– Increase your leads & conversions.
– Generate higher overall revenue for your dermatology brand.
– Showing your patients how committed you are to providing quality content that meets their needs is the first step to growing your practice.

Marketing Videos for Dermatologists

Marketing Video Production for Dermatologists can have several advantages including boosts in patient awareness of your services and increases in overall patient lead generation which is essential to filling your schedule. Marketing videos give your dermatology practice a voice of its own allowing you to:

Improve your search engine rankings.
Build a trusting audience or community around your brand.
Boost consumer confidence in your practice.
Increase average time visitors spend on your landing pages or website.
Improve social media reach & conversions.

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Your website requires written copy, but now more than ever, marketing videos can position your dermatology brand for success online by providing consumers with the type of content that they crave. People are watching more video online than ever – do you really want to be the brand that doesn’t provide a direct connection between your business and your audience?

Training Videos for Dermatologists

Training videos are essential to your dermatology practice for several reasons. They can be used to train your patients, and your team. Training patients with video will:

– Help patients to understand how to care for dermatology procedures or skin related conditions following treatment.
– Improve patient understanding of insurance and what to expect in billing.
– Help patients to understand safe, healthy skin care or treatment options.
– Improve patient understanding of the services you offer to reduce customer service calls.

Likewise, providing proper training to your employees can save your practice time and money. Training Video Production for Dermatologists can:

– Reduce employee mistakes.
– Improve employee productivity.
– Increase employee consistency & knowledge.
– Reduce training time and improve training outcomes.

Training videos teach employees how to work with your patients ensuring a stronger overall patient satisfaction rate for your dermatology business.

Interview Videos for Dermatologists

Expert interview videos can prove your knowledge of dermatology and various skin or related conditions improving consumer awareness of your credibility and authority which is essential to generating leads for your practice. In fact, interview videos can even help you to improve search engine rankings driving more traffic and conversions for your practice, too.

Dermatologist video production quote!

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At Beverly Boy Productions we work with dermatologists just like you to provide a wide range of video production services that introduce new opportunities in marketing, advertising, and growth for your brand. We’ll create expert quality video content that represents your dermatology practice using the voice, and visibility, that is essential to your own growth & success. Give us a call to learn more about Video Production for Dermatologists and the next steps to achieving your digital video marketing & advertising goals.

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